10 Tips & Tricks About The Site + Service To Help In Your Day-To-Day


Howdy. So this is just a short post to list a few things some of you may not have known you can do/we provide to help you get the most out of the site. So let’s get on it with it

  1. You don’t need to upload both mp3s and wavs. You can just upload the wav and it will be converted to mp3, giving you both files

  2. We provide a template contract (in Dashboard > Licenses + Contracts) based on your terms, which you can use as it is, edit to suit your needs, or not use at all - and write your own from scratch.

  3. You can use multiple configurations, combined with playlists to display different beats on the same page. E.g. Hip Hop beats in one player and R&B in another

  4. You can upload, display & sell songs - a great way to promote artists after they’ve rapped/sung over your beats

  5. You can also upload Beat Tapes, Mixtapes & Albums, using the collections feature

  6. We have a series of blog posts dedicated to marketing to help you sell a few more beats. No promises it’ll make you a platinum selling producer over night, but I’m sure you can pick up a few tips and tricks! Check it out here

  7. Autotag! You can tag your ENTIRE Library in the click of the button and is the best way to protect your beats. Go to Beats > My Beats, select your beats then select ‘Autotag’ from the tabs above and follow on-screen instructions. (Make sure you upload a custom tag in the Autotag section if you don’t want the default one)

  8. You can integrate Google Analytics tracking to know exactly what’s happening on your site: Where your customers come from, what they do when they’re on your site, how long they’re on your site, etc. Learn how to integrate Analytics here

  9. If you’re giving away free downloads you can download a CSV file containing the names and email addresses of everyone who’s download your beats. Head to the Free Downloads section of your Dashboard and look to the box on the right

  10. You can become an affiliate and earn 25% of every referrals’ fee for as long as they’re subscribed. You only have to refer 4 people and your subscription will be covered every month (4 x 25% = 100%). This is not a sales pitch, just a way for you to earn some extra monthly income. Learn more here

Feel free to ask any questions