100 mb WAV Limit?


Does the limit increase with gold and platinum? 100mb for a wav file is ridiculous most of my beats surpass that, am I supposed to Upload the MP3 and if someone requests the exclusive Wav which doesnt fit on the website am i supposed to email it to them?


Hi @CycoBTZ. The limit does not change, regardless of membership level. If your WAV files are to large the only way to provide this to customers is by including in your zip folder that is delivered with trackouts. Zip folders have a limit of 1GB


Hey CycoBTZ - have you figured out a way to reduce the WAV size? I’m having the same issue where every export is coming out at at least 114MB. Any suggestions?



10 beat maximum? seriously… you can do better then that airbit.


Hey @shimmeryone9, the 10 beat maximum is for free users only, and you can replace those beats as often as you like. If you upgrade to Gold or Platinum you can have 50 or unlimited beats in your store :slight_smile: