15 year old producer

Hey everyone, im only 15 years old and im kinda new to selling beats. My friends in high school are really the only feedback i get. I was wondering if any of you would care to check out my work. Trust me you will not be dissapointed. However, all feedback will be highly appreciated. Thank You!

I mess wit the sound you got but I hear that you can use some more vst’s to amp up the synths a lil bit but there cool listen to some of mine for a idea on what I mean soundwise.

First of all, big up ya’ self for being a young cat getting into the game. A lot of cats might not encourage you but I commend you because I was about your age when I first started producing. Back then, I was making (pause tapes) to create loops…(tells you I’m an older cat, hahaha).

Anyhow, I listened to a few of your beats and honestly, they are pretty good. What I heard is marketable, had good composition, good sound selection and a decent mix. At 15 yrs old, you are sounding better than a lot of producers twice your age. Is there room for improvement? Of course. As you continue, you’ll develop more of a sound that is your own, what I mean by that is the personality of your beats are very similar to producers that are already out. Of course we all are influenced by someone but over time, you learn how to create custom sounds, use special techniques and arrangements that make our sound original. It’s like when you hear a Kayne beat, you know it’s a Kayne beat because he’s known for coming with a certain style and sound. Work on music that when people here it, they’ll say…“That’s a Westack Beat”.

Good luck fam, keep doing what you do.

Pretty good for your age. I’d day just work on creating your own transition sounds. Good luck bro!