2012- Movie, Myth & reality!


Watched the movie 2012 especially because of the myth surrounding
it, besides was also being high.
so does end of Maya calender &/or global warming would be responsible for 2012 end? Whats your view on this?
Nasa definitely has gone a step ahead spending taxpayers money in
proving the myth wrong.
Never the less i did enjoy watching the movie. :silly:


I haven’t seen the movie but I’m looking forward to it.

I also haven’t studied the topic much, but I understand that in 2012, it’s actually just the end of a cycle rather than the foretold end of the world.

By the way, I wonder what the music in the movie was like? There’d be opportunities for some great sensational cues there. :woohoo:


I really don’t agree with all these prognosticators who think that the world is going to end in 2012. Besides the Mayans, they use all sources that “predicted” World War I and II, 9/11, and other huge events. The funny thing is, the experts used these sources “predict” these things retroactively, or after they had already happened.
And the Mayan calendar had to end some time, didn’t it? B)


I only saw the clips from the movie that have been circulating on the internet, looks like a great movie. However, I also started to look at the conspiracy theories and stopped right there. Its all a little worrying and theories can get like that, thats what are there for after all.

There is no more proof that the world will come to an end in 2012 than there was of an international disaster at the turn of the millenium 1999-2000. I remember worrying and waiting from something to happen, what happened? Nothing.

Im not sure I want to believe the Mayan (and other) predictions, I say just get on with life and take whats coming, because we cant do much about it.


That’s a good point about the turn of the millennium. I remember wondering about my computer, but after the fact there’s only one thing that changed in my life when the calendar reached 2000… The automated phone service in my area that told you when the next streetcar was coming apparently wasn’t Y2K compatible.


I just wached it last night, the movie is great like artistic work… but in the other hand, this myth of the end of the world at 2012 i find it not logic, because there is lot of things to do by humanity to distroy the globe… like the 3rd World war… yes, it’s coming !! but when ? i don’t know !!

this is my opinion :frowning:


Wow! now this is a new approach to the end of world theory. :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope that this doesn’t end in a war, cause a species drawn to extinction by killing their own seems less than humanity after all thats what we all stand for! :wink:


Speaking of WW III, I bet there were lots more close calls than we’ll ever know about during the cold war.

As for the movie, I was expecting a bit more hype after I first saw the trailers, but I’m still looking forward to seeing it.


If you want to wach for free, this is the link


After that tell us your opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


just going to watch the movie, word of mouth circulating, it’s a very good movie,
bout the prediction of 2012, it was man made catastrophe


I really enjoyed watching the movie .I was quite OK while watching but next day several questions started arising in my mind and at the same time i was worrying to as will it be true and if is it true will all die ? Still I have not come out of the dilema . But I thought this to …whether this was only to promote the Movie?As every body will watch it to come out of the curiosity.


sapna wrote:

I’m sure I’ve heard about the interpretation of the Mayan calendar that suggests the world will end in 2012 before it was part of the movie hype. I think that the makers of the movie just chose a good timing for the making and release of a movie based on that.


I saw a documentary from History channel about the Mayan Calendar. I was amazed on how accurate their prediction was. The Great Cycle of the Mayan Long Count calendar ends on the winter solstice of 2012 A.D. That’s what they now believe to be the date when the world ends.


I’ve watched the movie not only once but twice. I salute to all the casts of the movie especially the director. I really had a great time watching it with my colleagues. I can say that it’s possible to happen in the future. The best way to avoid it is to start taking care of our mother earth.


I’m pretty sure that it’s pretty much all made up as truly, why would the world just randomily end in 2012?

I think it’s just speculation and there’s no way that we can determine when the world will end. As really, who knows if the Mayans just got tired of writing and stopped at 2012. I think we should just live day by day and improve life where we can but not worry about something that is just speculation that is two years away.


It is a myth in my opinion, as we have all heard many times that the world is going to end, in 99 they said that the computers were going to crash for y2k before that there was another scare a few years before, I don’t remember exactly when.
We as a society just need to stop wondering when it is going to happen and just live each day to it’s fullest it could end tomorrow or it could end in 100 years, there have been 10 movies that I know of that predicts the end of the world and yet none of them have come true.


Yea, it is basically all conspiricy. I think people have too much time on their hands if all they can do is sit around and worry and think up when everything is going to end. As ultimately how is knowing when the world is going to end goimg to benefit us in anyway?


a lot of people are afraid of 2012, im afraid of the yellowstone volcano that is in the red zone for the next 700 years that could blow and when it does 75 percent of the word is going to end ha ha … scary


I don’t mean to contradict but it’s currently in the normal/green zone. http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/yvo/ Although I do believe that when it erupts we could be in trouble but I think we’re safe for a very long time. As this website monitors the volcano and it was updated just a few days ago.


hmm… i guess we will see it in a movie after 2012. :stuck_out_tongue: