2012- Movie, Myth & reality!


Yea, I think it’s impossible to even guess the future as who knows if in 2 years they have a whole solution to reversing global warming or stopping volcanic eruptions. We don’t really know anything but yes, we’ll see where we are at in a couple of years. :]


We are scared of things that we can’t forsee or control, that is just human nature. I know when I say The Day After Tomorrow I was worried that it would come true, however after a while the 2012 movie will be out of peoples minds and things like Zombies will be back in popular demand. It is just a fad in my opinion and when 2012 comes and goes we will see what happens.


Yea, although it’s very sad how gullible (for the most part) that society is when they hear something. I mean if we got around a few forums and posted that say california was going to break off the United States and just float out into the ocean and we got a few people to go on them and agree we could easily fool a bunch of people.

So no matter how truthful it is people are either bound to blow it out of proportion or believe every little speculation that is believed.


The movie is pretty cool. I have recently watched it. Now one can watch all HD movies, TV shows, and series for free on Cinema apk.


I think is nice movie for watching,but reality in will end more fastly


Long time haven’t seen movie, hope it’ll be nice.


the movie was boring, superstition sucks


how come a thread about this film is still alive? there was nothing to discuss even back in the days