5 Best Methods to Increase Conversion Rate for Your Sales

If your website is getting traffic but not sales and conversions then you should use Social Proof Notifications.This is exactly what social proof notification (Example like Fizfy Social Proof).

These are most Powerfull Methods which will turn your Visitors into sales :

  1. Recent Sales: Create Recent Sales Notifications , when customers purchased product or services at your store then real order notification appear when other visitors see real order notifications it influence them to make purchases as well.

  2. Sales Count: Create Sales count Notifications, Which count number of Sales /Order in Certain hours, These notifications show total sales notifications in certain time.

  3. Reviews: You can create and add real reviews of Google , Facebook, TrustPilot, Tripadviser,Yelp,Glassdoor and Capterra , real positive reviews influence visitors and build trust. You know 80% visitors see reviews before buy products online.

  4. Call Action: Create Call action notifications and you can collect visitors phone Number and emails as well where you can reach them back and get convert to sales.

  5. Coupon Code: Coupons play important role in sales and conversions you can create Coupon Notifications and you can show on any pages as you want.

The primary goal of a business is to increase sales and conversions. If you will use these methods and I am sure your website conversion will be boost and these are proven ways and millions of customers using these methods and getting success & business growth.

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Thanks for sharing these methods for Increasing Conversion Rate for Your Sales.
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