$500 for marketing. What would YOU spend it on?


Hey Airbit fam,

So pretty straight forward really. Lets say you were given $500 for marketing today, how would you spend it?

What would you spend it on and where?
Would you spend it all?

I’ll go first.

I would spend it on running some Facebook/Instagram ads, 1 ad to drive traffic direct to my site and another to drive traffic to a squeeze page for email marketing in the future.

I probably would try some YouTube video ads too. I would like to try Adwords but never done it before so it’ll prob take time.

Would I spend it all - YES!

I would run the FB and YT ads (2 on FB and 2 on YT) and check them every week or 2 weeks and tweak the ad that is performing the worst, then check again in another week or 2 weeks and repeat the process until I have 1 or 2 complete SOLID ads.

What about YOU?


Interesting approach!

I would definitely run some on Instagram.
I would probably also spend 140 on promoting a beat here on Airbit, as this has been the best way for me so far.
And if my budget is 140 I wouldn’t spend them all in 1 go.


Must admit I and of overlooked Airbit promo.

So you have used it? and it was successful?


Yeah, sort of. It gave me 5k plays and my first beat sale.


Not bad.

Thats a lot of plays, but only 1 sale?


I would probably spend it all on ads, Youtube is the hotspot for beats(especially if you know where to sell them). I would probably use it all on Youtube and Facebook :slight_smile:


So you mentioned Youtube and ‘where to sell them’

Care to elaborate?

Hopefully we can create enough valuable info in this thread that newcomers will have an idea of what to do.



As we all know there are many different types of beats, Trap, Rap, etc.

Now, right off the bat, I am not saying to be that guy in the comments spamming “go look at my beats!!!”, and then even just have 1 beat uploaded. But its all about the scene, advertise in the area your TYPE of beat is. If you make a trap beat and advertise around in the Metalbeat scene(which isn’t that bad btw ;D), you will draw less attention. Hopefully this makes sense?

I have trolled around on Youtube and seen people saying to check out their music, now, this I would be on a metal video, and the person is making light soundtrack music, so he won’t get much, if any viewers or customers.


Very true and great breakdown man. :grinning:


Ty bruh :slight_smile:


Speaking about promotion, it’s the absolute must-do to promote your Instagram account. Facebook is more family-oriented, so Instagram is the absolute killah. But you need to keep your account clean because just gaining followers can result in following fake accounts, ghosts, shop etc. and there will be spam under every your post, man. So, what I like to do is to use this nice app to get rid of spam automatically: https://spamguardapp.com/. 500$ budget? Man, it’s so cheap you won’t even notice. But in the end, promoting becomes easy af as your account doesn’t look like a boosted one. That adds credibility to advertisers and users.