Activation code not being sent to my email!


Need help, i am not receiving my activation code to my email… Seems like a common issue for some reason!


Hi @JseeLass sorry to see this, we have responded to your email with your activation code.

Please let us know if you have any further issues


I haven’t received my activation code either.


Hi @A1aric, our system shows your account is already activated - are you still experiencing problems?


I bought 20$ beat and I never received my activation code … I need an activation code or my money.


Sorry to hear this @gabrielmalekal. Please find your code + link below:

Activation Code: 7ff38a858677a1f662961cac71a8148e

Activation link:


How long does it typically take to receive an activation code? Is it instantly? Did not receive


@BeatsByHustle you should’ve received it instantly - please find your activation details below:

Activation Code: 78b98b84f757161033d7e9aa793e45d2

Activation Link:


hey,i also have not received my verification code,please help me.


Hi @drumabeats19 sorry to hear this. We’ve now emailed your activation details to you, please let us know if you have any further issues