Add A MFS "Beat Jackers" List So Producers Can Ban Unwanted Buyers


Whats up MFS?

I think it would be a great idea if producers could add bad buyers/artists who’ve jacked their beats (bought the beat, downloaded it, then asked for refund and got the refund) to some kind of big list to the MFS servers. We could call this the “Beat jackers ban list” and could contain the offenders’ email address, paypal email, artist name, IP addresss, etc. We should be given the option to ban them based on all the info given.

This way, other producers don’t get jacked as well.

This could also scare off potential beat jackers in the future, if producers put it in the contracts or somewhere highly visible on their websites or something like that.

The warning would look something like “If you download the beat, then ask for a refund and you get your refund, your name and paypal email will be added to a myflashstore beat jackers ban list potentially banning you from making purchases across all of myflashstore beat stores across the planet. Please make sure you really want a refund.”

Producers you know this is a dope ass idea! Post your comments and let MFS know how badly you want this feature.


I understand what you’re saying with this, and I agree there is a need to stop people getting chargebacks after buying and downloading a beat.


It wouldn’t be fair to let producers add names to the list, as sometimes the customer does have a bad experience buying their beat, and has a genuine reason for claiming their money back (not all files sent, different beat sent, etc.), but the producer could then add them to this ‘ban list’ out of spite.

But other producer won’t know this, and won’t sell to them, meaning they lose out on a potential sale and artists can’t buy their beats from mFS producers


What’s to prevent buyers from simply creating a new email and continue in their same practices? On your beat site, could you post your contracts as downloads for buyers to know what they are agreeing to by buying the beat, and then adding a section in those contracts that if they receive a refund, all their rights to the beat are revoked?

If enforceable in the court of law could you also put terms in your contracts, that read something like:

"should [BUYER] obtain their refund by disputing the charge on their credit card, without first contacting [PRODUCER] in written form, and the [PRODUCER] can prove that the product was for a fact delivered to BUYER, BUYER must pay fee of $XXXX. BUYER must pay the fee within 30 days the dispute claim was made. If fee is not paid within 30 days, the amount owed to PRODUCER increases by ten (10) percent daily, starting on the 31st day, until complete fee and late payments are satisfied.

Should BUYER breach any terms outlined in this agreement, PRODUCER reserves the right to pursue legal action at a time and place of PRODUCER’s choice.

Could something like this work?


I like this. We need to stop the fraud. That should be number one on the list.


here is the solution I’m going for:

have a NO REFUND policy for your site

Any and every potential customers know within listening to the Full Beat whether or not they want to try it or buy it.

so over emphasize to all potential customers to download a tagged version first to try it out and then consider making a purchase because after the purchase that sale is final. There are no refunds but you can do a trial with a tagged beat. There are absolutely no refunds.

this way paypal sees this as your disclaimer and the customer was warned before purchase


How about a 3 strike rule or something similar?

Say an artist buys a beat and asks for refunds in a certain time period, like say 1 month or something. If the incidents are legit (the artist received the wrong beat, or the quality was bad, etc) then they’re okay. If they’re found to just be trying to get free beats then maybe MFS can make the decision to ban the artist.

Or If producers complain about the same artists over and over then something is probably wrong and MFS should use their discretion when banning artists, either way I think something should be done to protect the producers without hurting the good customers.

There has to be a comprise of some sort.


Honestly there’s nothing to prevent artists from changing emails and creating new paypal accounts. It would be a big in-convenience though so hopefully that might be enough. Also being labelled a beat jacker probably isn’t a good look for them if you know their rapper names.


I’m not sure a public ban list is really the way to go. I understand completely the frustrations of getting scammed by buyers purchasing with the intention of creating a chargeback to get a refund. This is an unfortunate part of online business.

I agree with @ellishouslin that a public list could be abused and could shine a bad light on genuine buyers.

What we can do however is create a personal “blacklist” so if you have a bad experience with a buyer then you can blacklist their email address. Unfortunately the buyer remains anonymous is until payment is made because they do not log in to an account, so we can have a system whereby if a buyer makes a purchase and they’re on the blacklist, it will not send them an order but instead send them a friendly email notifying them that the order will be manually reviewed before delivery. This gives you the chance to decide to process the order or refund the user and send them on their way.

This obviously won’t combat against buyers changing their PayPal account/email address, but it’s a start.

How does this sound?



Yes this would be a great start!

I think just the threat of being “blacklisted” would be enough to deter many wannabe beat jackers/scammers.


@ALMANADIBEATS Threatening your customers is not a good idea. Although your threat is directed towards the scammers, even genuine customers will be reading the threat. There’s a reason you don’t see threats like this on major websites like Amazon or Apple, even though they deal with more fraud than any of us. It’s good to keep things neutral, as frustrating as it is.


not sure if you guys can see this image but I was able to win a chargeback dispute because I proved to PayPal that the customer received the beat when I showed a snapshot of the confirmation download from that help me to win the dispute so if we could get a download confirmation received from myflashstore saying that the customer has downloaded the file or the link then that would probably help because that’s how I won my dispute


That’s great news, well done!

You can already view download tracking, with IP addresses. Just go into an order in the Dashboard -> Sales section and you’ll see the Download Tracking section at the bottom.

This feature has already helped loads of producer successfully fight chargebacks.


Didn’t do nothing for me. I just lost $200 to chargebacks…


Perhaps Myflashstore can have a chargeback fund or give us chargeback insurance? Because this is crazy.


Yes of course. Maybe a “friendly reminder” somewhere in the contract or in our website.


@thesuproducer That’s awesome news man, glad to hear you won that dispute.

A victory for producers!


I lost mine :frowning:


plain and simple no refunds period if there is a problem didnt recieve the track resend it personally and if buyer changes his mind that he dont want the track no refunds its a done deal producers need to start making new rules to the game or it will only get worser people are taking advantage of hard working musicians we need to get the respect we deserve because without a beat a rapper would be doing acapellas its time to do something about this asap



That sucks man! Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.


Its the 3rd time… smh