Add A MFS "Beat Jackers" List So Producers Can Ban Unwanted Buyers


The problem with chargebacks is that it’s the customer’s bank who have the decision. And they will hardly ever go against their customer, as they want to keep them happy. They have no reason to side with the person opposite their customer. As you can see from thesuproducer’s screenshot, it says “the buyer’s card issuer has decided…”

‘Disputes’ (different to chargebacks) are easier to win as these are decided by Paypal, who are a neutral party. If you provide evidence, they will see that the other person is trying to pull a scam and decide in your favour most of the time


I’m going through a chargeback dispute right now. A customer spent $200 on exclusive rights 4 months ago. Now he wants his money back. Mind you, the customer NEVER contacted me after the purchase was made to let me know if there were any issues. I got proof the order was sent and also showed proof he used the track on his mixtape. All of my invoices have disclaimers saying the customers shall agree to the terms listed once an electronic purchase is made. Only proof I wish I had was a download receipt. I uploaded the trackouts via Dropbox which doesn’t have that option. So now I’ll be switching to transferbigfiles since it’s cheap and offers download receipts. I will also change my disclaimer making it VERY clear there are NO refunds. I hope I win…


Jeez, 4 months is a long time to try and claim your money back… good luck with it, let us know how it goes


Yes, and I hope they consider that as they go through the process. I’m very upset, but I see this as a cost of doing business. I’ve learned and now it’s time to adjust. Its a shame PayPal only offers seller protection on tangible items. Maybe we should go old school and send physical copies too. I mean, we already have their info.


Put in your licensing terms that if there is any attempt of a fraudulent dispute or chargeback, that the terms will be null & void. Put the beat back up for sale especially if this was for an exclusive.

Also, track down to see if the beat has been used. Flag that shit if its online. If its on youtube, flag the fuck out of it and try to get the revenue being made off ads.

Let the assholes know that there will be legal action if they continue using your beat.


He used the track on his mixtape I found on Spinrilla. His name is Prince Infamous. If I can find a way to flag and report the mixtape I will. I’m going to report his tweets and videos that promote the track too.


You gotta do what you gotta do man. Stay vigilant.

It’s too bad it has to come to this but we as producers have to protect our work somehow. I don’t think some of these artists know how much money and time we spend on our craft for them to just blatantly steal like that.

If MFS is serious about protecting producers, this Prince Infamous guy should definitely be on the black list.


Agreed 100%. I dont even think the artists even read the terms we lay out, but that’s good on our part. I know us producers can, and will find ways to better protect ourselves from scammers and bring awarness. But what about companies we rely on like PayPal? They just take our money without any kind of forewarning, then try to figure things out later. Its not right for us to be inconvenienced and then have to fight a 75 day dispute with a negative PayPal balance. Meanwhile, the scammer gets their money back and still gets to make profit off our work. Its a lose-lose situation for us.


File a take down notice (DMCA) with Spinrilla, and any other websites that are hosting the track. If you are unsure of how to do it, I can copy-paste you a template email.

Also next time an artist charges back with Paypal via unauthorized transaction, just ring Paypal. I had an artist last year attempt this after a big purchase. 5 minutes on the phone with customer service, and they saw that the IP/Login location was the same as his history.

Dispute was closed instantly.


Thanks D2therJ, I just sent the take down notice to Spinrilla. I’m sure I’ll get hit with another chargeback scammer in the future, so next time I will call PayPal up and try to settle it that way. It just didn’t seem right uploading proof to PayPal without even speaking to some one about it. Great advice!


There are producers here, who knows how to win this in 2017?


I won a $50.00 chargeback a few weeks ago. The chargeback was filed in January so took a while, still though for the principle it was worth it. I took these steps:

1, Submitted screen shots showing that the customer had downloaded the beats. The screenshot showed their ip address, the time, date etc.

  1. Another step I took was sending paypal website links showing that the customer is actually a rapper (I sent the customers website that showed he was a rapper, the site had the same email address that matched the paypal transaction, it showed his songs etc. (this was to show paypal that this wasn’t a case of someone else making a purchase with a credit card)

  2. I called paypal and explained to them that I do very good business and that I’ve been a member of paypal for years and this dispute is clearly fraud. I stated clearly that the customer made sure he downloaded the beats first and then filed a chargeback. During the phone call they refunded the paypal chargeback fee (this fee is an additional fee when a chargeback is issued)

In the end I won the chargeback. My advice: Gather as much evidence as you can that clearly discredits what the customer is saying Also, give Paypal a call, don’t be angry, just let let them know you do good business and the customer is fraudulently trying to own your items. Be patient, like I said the customer opened the chargeback dispute in January and I won it a few weeks ago.

Good luck, in this industry you have to expect that people will try things like this. This industry can be very shady. Just stay focused and professional.


That’s awesome bro!

This is all good info to know, thanks for sharing this!