Adding wav to beat listing _ SOLVED


first day, and figuring it all out… except, uploaded a zip file of the tracks; where does that go, and how do i attach it to my beat, so that it shows in the beat info? (mp3 & tagged are checked, wav & trackout are greyed out).

sure it’s simple, but…?? thx

EDIT: tried again (uploading the zip), and worked this time. but how do i add the wav file of the full mix?


if i understand correctly, if i UPLOAD a wav file, it is converted to mp3. so how do i upload the wav file, so that both are available if a beat’s licensed? thx

EDIT: got it. the wav file is converted, AND kept.


Hey @NEVSKY, glad you figured it all out. Just to confirm, the process for uploading a new beat would be:

  1. Upload an untagged WAV/MP3 (WAVs will be converted to MP3 for you)
  2. Beats will be automatically tagged with the tag you’ve uploaded in Settings > Voicetag, or with the default Airbit tag if none uploaded - you can replace this with your own tagged version in Upload > Tagged
  3. Upload stems/trackouts (zip) in Upload > Trackouts. After upload you’ll be asked to link it to an existing beat.
  4. In Licenses + Contracts you can determine which files are sent with each license by editing the license