Afraid of compettion much?



I think its pretty clear no one wants to give you feedback on your music or what you can improve on. Given the amount of views ive seen per post with barely any comments…id say don’t expect a miracle to happen. People want you to pay them to critique and give tips on “how to improve your music” rather than being straight off the back honest with you and not add a price tag to it. They also say people don’t want to help if you’re not helping yourself…my question is this…isn’t being what it takes to bean independent producer good enough? . Your time may equal money but please understand this. You can pay anyone all you want but by the end of the day music is all based on preference. Most of these big named and branded producers don’t care about you and if you don’t believe me…Adam Ivy himself can agree more. THEY DON’T CARE!!! And their mostly afraid of competition because they know they lack enough skill to make a mark that can never be erased or knowledge

No one is gonna want to help you if you either don’t have a huge social following or traffic,Have already developed some type of fan base or have money behind your name…most producers who’ve already blown up who see themselves falling off due to lack of knowledge, know how and versatility or just how to move in general sometimes may only want to “see the potential in you” when they know they can feed off your success to stay relevant. Which tells you be careful who you work with…


Great post do you have it on your website or anywhere else?