Airbit marketplace, and regular airbit player show two different prices


airbit marketplace, and regular airbit profile player show two different prices… marketplace says $10.00 but airbit player has been set to $2.00 for non profit demos for a while now, over a year but i just noticed it…

i changed the price in the beats tab on airbit for non profit demo beat license from $2.00 to $5.00 and back to $2.00 to see if it fixes it but no luck, market place price hasnt changed…?


(the prices are set correct on my website player— )

heres the links to double check on airbit…



airbit profile—


I think in the marketplace the min beat price to set is $10, it won’t allow you to go any lower.


Hi @GeoveeBeats, @MessyBeatz is correct; the min. price for Marketplace beats is $10. This does not affect prices in your personal store


all right, i see now… thanx…