Airbit staff...stop letting them kick your ass


I like you guys more than the other beat stores…but…it made absolutely 0 sense for you to come back after a complete rebrand only to come with a few features that your competition implemented LONG before you.

You came back with 1 new player & it looks just like the Flat UI stores…just dark. And those players came out in 2014…wow.

Since the rebrand…theres been NO updates.

Its 2018.

The traditional beat website built on Wordpress with a beat player on it…is OLD news. That was cool years ago. But in 2018, its about the customers user experience. Coming to a blog site with a player on it…is not the best experience for today.

Shopify runs the game. Everyone is using it & talking about it. When’s the last time you heard someone talk about Wordpress? I’ll wait.

Shopify was made for selling. Wordpress was made for blogs.

We want to sell beats. We want people coming to buy. We dont want people coming to our sites & treating it like a damn blog site (which is what all these beat sites are that have an HTML player on it).

I hope you guys are working on an full fledged e-commerce solution like what Beat Stars has with the Pro Pages. Soundgine has their own too.

If you are not working on this & are still just focusing on “new players”, you & the myspace staff will have something to talk about at the “Has Beens Day Parade”.

Pay attention.


If you’re using Wordpress for your site, you don’t have to have a blog.

You can have an effective one pager with your beat player and a few other things and that should do.

I will agree that Airbit has been super slow with the updates lately. They need to pay attention more. I been asking for something like Beatstars’ Pro Page for a long time now, still nothing.


I just wanna know whether Wasim’s head explodes off his body when he reads this article … As Abe Batshon takes credit for the Internet Beat game, the internet, the Earth, the Wind and the Fire , the heavens and resting on the 7th day.


I gotta admit Airbit, Beatstars is the superior beat selling platform. They have Youtube content ID, Soundcloud monetization, a customizable website, chat and a real marketplace. There is so much that can be improved on by airbit. For example, better stats would be nice. I’d like to know exactly how many plays each of my beats is getting. Web stats would be great too and yall really need to step it up on the integrations. You’ve got to get the customers involved, get the beat buyers to come to the site. Beatstars is just more interactive overall, they even have regular meet ups all over the country, Airbit is not doing any of this.

What’s the deal?


I have been reading up on content ID a lot lately. You never want to give another company the rights to this, not BeatStars, not Soundgine, not MFS/Airbit or any other store/person. If Airbit shuts their door suddenly, you’re fucked. (not saying they will, so don’t flame me)

you can do this yourself here:


SAVAGE !!! :joy::joy:


I would Smoke crack and drink chittlin juice before I let ANYONE touch my content ID



Best to do it ourselves.