Airbit Website Issue/Question


I really appreciate anyone’s help on this topic…

I just created my airbit page not too long ago and would like to use that as my main page to send people to check out beats as opposed to creating another website and integrating the airbit player.

When I type in my airbit website into the google search bar, it doesn’t appear, and I did some research that it said I have to claim ownership to the website first before it would appear, but it seems like unless I have another website hosting my airbit player, it makes it difficult to claim the airbit domain handle by itself. Maybe I am overlooking something… I appreciate anyone’s help if they can clarify what I need to do to have my airbit domain appear in google search and be able to claim full ownership of that handle.

thanks again!


Hey @Runn1ngback, welcome to Airbit, glad to have you on board! When searching in Google are you searching for your profile URL, or just your producer name?

Can you please provide the search term that you’re using, whether it’s the URL or your name, so I can better understand what you’re trying to do?


After seeing the ticket you submitted I checked out your URL and both your personal page ( and your marketplace profile ( are displayed here when entered into the search bar.


Hi there thank you for your help! I am trying to make my marketplace page my main website I direct ppl to (the url)

Let me be more specific. If someone goes to google and types into the “google search bar” that url and the different search terms pop up, it shows links to individual airbit beat links of mine but my main marketplace url ( is nowhere to be found or shown.

I really don’t want to set up a whole different site. I would like to use my airbit url as my main one and I see that you can incorporate google analytics too but it seems like it only offers you the google analytics option if you have a whole different website being hosted. Is this the case or can I use my airbit site as my main page and still reap the benefits of integration and analytics


Unfortunately we don’t have control of Google’s search results - these results are shown in order of popularity and relevance, based on a Google algorithm that only Google know.

There’s a few things to note regarding this:

Your Marketplace URL ( is a part of our Marketplace and therefore subject to commission. If you’re sharing a link, you should use your personal URL (, which is commission-free.

Your URL is for direct use, rather than a google search. What I mean by this is that if someone wants to visit your page they should enter that URL into the main URL bar, not Google.

And if you have a platinum account - and therefore an Infinity Store - you can use analytics without having a separate site. However, if you don’t have the Infinity Store you will need a website to embed your HTML store on if you want to add analytics code.


Can’t reach to this website correctly. It keep saying that “Security token error” and i can’t figure out what to do. I’ve tried to reset internet connection, resetting router setting from and it’s still not working. I’m using VPN, can it be related to that?


If I search for a well known producer from your site on google search and literally type in “penacho airbit”, his marketplace link is the first that appears on google search.

I understand it’s based on popularity and relevance but when I type mine into google, it doesn’t even appear at all, no where at all not even towards the bottom. Can you clarify why it is not appearing at all?


Hi @Runn1ngback unfortunately I can’t clarify this as the search results are determined by Google, not us. Sorry I can’t be of more help with this


hi I have started my airbit account recently I only have the starter producer and I have 7 uploads remaining if I delete a beat off my air bit profile will it bring me back 8 uploads remaining or will it keep me at 7?


Sorry for the delayed response @BirchyBeats. Yes - you will go back up to 8 uploads. The 10 beat limit refers to beats in your account at any one time, not the amount of beats you can upload in total