Any new updates coming?


Could we expect to see some changes in 2019? I have nothing in particular in mind but would love a game changer with airbit


Hey @prodbyjude, we have an exciting new update for you guys coming very soon :slight_smile:


What means really soon? Christmas gift?? :wink:


An early christmas gift :smiley: You’ve probably seen, we released our new Infinity Store last night >


yeah it looks dope! will design my player now


Are we still able to use discount codes with the infinity player? And are we able to use the the inifinity store with our own URL? This thing looks incredible btw! The only reason I would use the player on my own site would be for the URL. I’m curious if there might be a blog section later down the road for the infinity store as well? Again, super happy with what you’ve done so far! I’m making the switch from beatstars because after the issues they’ve been having, I still can’t login even if I wanted to stick with them. Looking forward to coming back home to Airbit!


Welcome back to the family @Inflightmuzik! Coupon codes are added during the checkout process, and if enabled, the place to add them will be on the checkout page.

Custom URLs aren’t currently possible via Airbit, though we do plan on introducing this in future. For now you can use domain forwarding to forward visitors from your domain to your Infinity Store URL until we introduce custom URLs for the store. The domain forwarding process is different for each domain provider, and a quick Google search for your provider’s process will guide you through this.

Adding a blog section is not something we’ve really considered, though it could be if enough people would find this useful. It’s something we can look at in future.


Sounds great my friend, so happy to be back!


A blog feature would be dope… More ways to gain traffic