Are email lists stupid & dumb? Let discuss


I’ve been building my list since January because thats what I keep seeing if you want to have a successful online business. Its pretty small but the artists on my list chose to join on their own after double opting in. I don’t offer free beats. I just say join for updates on new beats & tips to help improve their music. They sign up at about 30%.

I researched many of the top selling producers on MFS and many of them don’t have an email sign up on their site. If they do, its pushed way down where you can barely see it.

One of the top producers that left MFS last week said that mailing lists are obsolete in 2016 on periscope. Around that time, he stated that 80% of his sales were from new customers. He did like $30,000 in sales that month. He stated that he doesn’t keep in touch with his customers because they will keep coming back if they want more beats and doesn’t have to suck their ass to get them to come back. He did $50,000 in sales in July.

Now when I send an email. I don’t get 100% open rates. My max has been 16.5%. When I used my own emails to test if its working properly, my campaigns go straight to the promotions tab in gmail. I never check my promotions tab so I know a large part of my list isn’t checking it either. I don’t get any sales from these emails either. This is an automatic waste. Having this list cost me monthly to have it AND grow it.

On the email marketing article on the MFS blog, it says that its going to take months of sending emails before you make a sale. Postman from Live Off Beats stated in a webinar that 95% of people on your list aren’t going to buy. WTF?

How is a business going to survive if it takes months & months before you can even make $1?

Now, I’ve owned a CD duplication company since 2011. I started making money after a week in business. I placed an ad in a local rap magazine and business started booming. Today, I do 0 advertising. 100% of my business comes from repeat customers & word of mouth.

98% of my customers are artists. I only store their contact in my phone after they’ve spent money with me. There are about 500 contacts in my phone. The majority of them are repeat customers. They call me when they need my services. I never contact them. I didn’t have to warm them up at all.

Using myself as an example, I get tons of emails. I check it multiple times a day. But, the amount of times that I’ve actually bought something from email is probably less than 1%. Grant Cardone sends me tons of emails everyday. I don’t plan on buying. I only signed up to his list to get the free ebook he was offering. There many more list I’ve done like this so image how many other are doing this.

Whats the point of spending all this time & money, giving out free beats building up a huge list when the BULK of them aren’t going to open your emails, let alone buy anything?

Wouldn’t it be best to only keep emails of those that actually buy beats from you?

Help me understand this whole email marketing thing a little better.

How do you feel about email lists?


Which top producer told you all this?


Hi @triplehomicide. First of all, thanks for reading our blog post, I hope you found some useful info in there, even if it has left you a bit at odds with this topic

I think the best thing about having an email list how you have a direct line to your customer. Even if they’re not opening your emails or buying from them, they’re at least seeing your name and subject line. This keeps your name fresh in their mind. Compare that to all the other places you’ll be promoting - Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc. Your customers might not even see your posts. So they could follow you, and then never see a post from you and completely forget who you are or why they followed you in the first place

Although you’re not getting direct sales from your emails (I assume you have some sort of tracking to check this) do you know if your emails are having an indirect impact on your sales? e.g. have you tried sending out a coupon that’s only available to your email list, and seeing how many uses it gets? It could be that people are seeing your emails, not clicking in them, but then going directly to your site or calling you later on

Whenever you see a discount code like ‘radio123’ or ‘tv-ad’ being given out, across all business types and mediums, it’s not the company being generous, they’re simply tracking where their advertising is working, and where their customers are coming from

Regarding the producer who said 80% of his sales were new customers - you yourself said most of your business comes from repeat customers, and everyone knows repeat customers are way more valuable than new customers - that goes for all industries. That has been tested who-knows-how-many times over the years, across all different industries

And in our Pro Producer Series we interview some top producers, and pretty much all of them say email lists are still important - if not the most important thing

Having said all that, everyone has different experiences with different marketing techniques. What works for some might not work for others (although email is probably the one thing that everyone agrees works). So I’d recommend doing some testing using the coupons if you haven’t already, and also do some research into how to write a good sales email. Because it might just be that your emails aren’t as good as they could be (no offence, but it is a possibility). The easiest way is to sign up to lots of top selling producer’s lists and see how they do it

If after all that you still can’t see any impact from your email campaign, it might just be that you have a customer base who don’t respond to email, in which case maybe it is worth investing your money elsewhere. But I’d wait until your 100% before ditching the email campaign