Are Facebook ads a scam?


I’ve begun recently advertising with several social media platforms (with little results), and I’m quite confused on the results I’m getting, especially with Facebook.

I optimized the ad toward rappers, and went quite into detail, but the results I’m getting are no where near profitable. I’ve had 3 sales equating to 60$, when I’ve spend about 250$ on advertising across Facebook, Google Ad Sense, YouTube, and the Airbit marketplace (where two of the sales have actually come from).

However, the most bizarre result I’ve had is within Facebook Ads. I’ve spend around 20$, and had 45 link clicks on the beat, but on the beat which is promoted, I have LITERALLY 0 plays from those clicks. Is Facebook giving me bot traffic? Is the player on my store broken? I know many producers who’ve used Facebook to advertise and received great results, and I’m just confused if I’m missing something.

Any feedback would be appreciated, - Auxiliary


If you can share a link (or screenshot) to your fb ad i can take a look.
I’ve ran fb ads several times mainly to have artists subscribe to my email list and i got valid subscribers.
Did you optimize your targeting so that your ad is seen by the right people etc?
Also now that i think about it, did you have autoplay on or off? As it’s a possibility that some people may have been confused about how to start playing the beat, but not really sure about this one.


If you have your pixel running it can be very effective. To call it a “scam”? I think that’s a bit of a stretch lol. I personally know cats who attract close to 100% of their clientele through FB retargeting ads.


is your link to the actual beat or to your beat store?