Are my beats just simply whack? Not a single sale all these years


What’s good airbit fam

As most producers, I Had a lotta phases in life which didn’t give me the time and opportunity to make beats, Brand myself, Build relationships and experience for the time we didn’t have a right to choose our freedom and obstacles which makes me realize that’s exactly what put a lotta successful producers grind on the top
Now that it’s time I Don’t see any results

Can it simply be because my beats are straight trash? dead honest.
Did anybody else have been in this place? maybe it’s because it’ can be hard to adapt to the current wave of type beats? i see these answers all the time and it’s pretty much the solution which is MARKETING AND BUILDING A BRAND but question is, Do we slip on the fact that the beats ACTUALLY MIGHT BE TRASH and there’s room for improvement?

I’m loving this forum producers click here like crazy much love for that but how hard is it to actually say something healthy no matter how harsh it sounds i mean you cant break a broken record it’s already broken

Post getting too long but man we need more help than blaming it on marketing all the time
If so, What made y’all improve? what’s the process behind succeeding? How can it all be changed or maybe just wait for the next wave? or perhaps, Create it?

Losing motivation as fast as babies are born each day which leads to less production and more self doubt and search for answers but a huge thing i’ve noticed at this time of year is that the beat could be even less complex than ever.

Man… clean mix and a fire mastering and these youtube beats knock hard and making sales as same as more melodic beats

Past two years were pretty good with having more time on my hands and get cooking but still no luck.
the market is over saturated for real but as most producers say there’s enough room for everyone so i
tried branding, Wordpress website, A little ad campaign, Youtube, Multiple selling platforms and all that but still no luck.

Only place i made my first dollar was RocBattle R.I.P. more than 6 years ago which i haven’t withdrawn before their relaunch and somehow sold 3 leases half a year ago when i just decided to try my luck again there but the platform is simply dead.

Proper Title could be: “Do type beats era has a place for everyone?”

Website is dead, Can’t cover the fees for the domain atm, Beat sales switched to manual via Email And PayPal :grimacing:


I peeped your youtube link. Surprised about your lack of sales for years because the beats I heard were easy to rap to (what rappers look for) Mixing was on point on the tracks I played too. The offset x cardi b type beat “ADHD” was clean. Could see a few rappers on that beat. You have over 2,000 youtube subscribers and some of your videos had over 5,000 views so I’m a bit surprised that hasn’t led to any sales. Keep at it tho fam. You seem passionate so you should continue your journey. Maybe try some instagram video ad or something. Provide your mailing list with more value then hit them up with a limited time only special deal. If you’re on soundclick try the banner ads. They can work well if you can run then continuously for a bit. Maybe learn more marketing/advertising/step out your comfort zone/try and build more relationships with customers.

Stay up fam


oh man thank you so much for the reply :facepunch:t4:
i highly appreciate you man thanks for your time and effort man that actually kinda motivated me
i’ve seen producers with results on IG and man even soundclick and after all a mailing list is a must and im highly considering the deals

mix is good? oh man that’s great to hear ear fatigue i guess but still the grass is greener man… dunno why man the infamous cashmoneyap etc. lol that’s my reference

Huge thanks for the love fam!
trying asap god bless!


I checked out your beats as well the quality is there the reach is there you have more thumbs up than down maybe your marketing is not consistent i just watched a marketing video from beatstars showing how successful producers on their site run the same ad over and over for months to convert the people they are reaching as apposed to running a different ad every time also your last video someone asked how can they buy the beat and you gave them a bunch of extra steps they have to take that could be the problem people want things easy as possible use the free version of airbit and beat stars that gives you 20 beats for automatic download or use bandcamp (its free) until you can afford the regular subscription and put the purchase link in the video description here is that marketing video


man i enjoyed reading your reply as well an interesting thing u pointed out was the comment that’s my fault acting on this after getting some tips from my man you’re right that’s just too much
i had a decent instant beat store but it’s time to switch for now i opened the vid in a new tab
thanks a lot!! the producer community feels pretty strong you’re appreciated my man thanks again!


Yessir…that good ol’ availability bias.

If you see a fine ass woman with a nice tight body everyday…you gonna start to like her. But if you see this same woman in Walmart once & then never see her again…you forget about her. And then her beautifulness is gone.