Audio Frequency Chart [FREE Download]


Hey all,

I have this exact same chart on my wall in the studio and it is very useful.

Sometimes… during my mixing process I may glance over at this chart to get a starting point for certain sounds / instruments.

If you want to know how to make kicks thump, claps bright, snares slap, the sweet spot of a violin or just about anything, then you need to grab this chart, print it (or save it somewhere safe on your hard drive) and learn / use it.

You can grab the full size large chart below & I also recommend you check out the other link too as it sends you to an interactive EQ chart (Its AMAZING)


Free EQ Chart [DOWNLOAD]

EQ Cheat Sheet


Good shit bro, very useful. I actually use a spectrum analyser when I mix so I know exactly where each sound sits in the mix.


You welcome bro. Its helped me many of times so hopefully can help others too.

Nice, which one do you use?


Paz Analyser in the Waves bundle. I think most DAWs come with one though.


I actually have this, never opened it though. SMH!

Gonna pull it up next time.

You ever used Levels plugin >


Never heard of this but it looks dope. Are you using it?


I have a few times, must admit I forget to open it up sometimes and utilise it but I really should.