Autoplay for Mobile Store


What are the limitations of the Autoplay feature on mobile phones? I thought I was doing something wrong until I tested some fellow Airbit producers stores. If you are driving or doing anything where you can’t stop and push a button to get the next song it’s a real buzzkill. Am I missing something here? Because this seems like something that would be an easy fix, since even the Soundclick player moves on to the next song.
In the video you posted, Curtis King talked about how many people are working off the mobile phone. Is the Autoplay for mobile a feature that is in the works?

Hi @WSOBeats - regarding the previous answer - that is not from an admin, I think he just posted in the wrong topic…

Regarding your question - autoplay is not a feature that works on mobiles because of how mobile manufacturers design the phones. They don’t allow autoplay from websites as this will eat up data, which is why tracks have to be played manually

I hope this clears things up

Ok. Lol. Yeah that whole exchange was beyond confusing.

I understand the data issue — that actually makes sense from an economic point of view. But in the era of streaming — well, I kind of still don’t get it. And also from the standpoint of having the same functions and features of our competitors — then I sort of really don’t get it.

I hate to bring this up (on the forum) but both the Soundclick players and the Beatstars players continue to the next song on the mobile phone. And obviously, Spotify and Pandora as well. So it kind of feels like the only player that is taking into account the data issue is the ours. It feels like a disadvantage. Mobile players are being played in cars and taking over what used to be radio. I was trying to listen to my whole catalog while driving on the highway. I honestly thought I didn’t have my store setup right — because I am so accustomed to every player just going to the next song on it own.

Why is our Autoplay feature issue unique to Airbit?

Hi @WSOBeats, just to let you know - stores now automatically play the next beat on mobile devices. Hope this helps!

You can control the music play if you download it on yoru player. With commands you set, you can play the songs as you like and set the autoplay. For exsample, I get a Spotify music downloader to save Spotify songs.

Thanks for sharing it, it’s helpful.