Beat Playlist Collection Not Showing On Our MyFlashStore Player?


Hi MyFlashStore,

We have created a beat playlist so that we can setup a collection of each producer’s beats.

I tested this feature to see how it works and created 2 beat playlists. The playlists i created are not showing in our my collections tab and it say’s there are 0 collections.

Wondering if this feature is available or if there is something i am doing wrong?

Basically i just want a playlist for each producers beats on the main beatstore player so that when you click on the collections tab you can click on a specific producer and listen to there collection. I also just want them to be sold as a single track for instance $19.99 lease rather than as a unit or collection of many tracks.

I need playlists of each producer’s beats so that customers can scroll through a specific producers beats and purchase a beat the same way they do through the default beats playlist on the player.

Also i wanted to thank you all at MyFlashstore for the awesome Autotag and AutoMP3 feature. That has honestly saved me hours and hours of very laborious work so i very much appreciate that amazing feature.

I really want to get these collections setup in our player as it will be a very handy feature that myself and the team would be very happy with.

Keep up the great work MyFlashStore and the CEO Wasim.
I look forward to seeing more new features in the future.

Kind regards

CEO Just4beats Music Group


Hi Damon. Great to hear that the Autotag and wav > mp3 conversion has served you well.

Currently, playlists can only be viewed by setting them as the default (this is done in Music Stores > HTML5, using the customisation options). By setting it as the default playlist for a store, this will mean that only the beats on this playlist will be displayed in that store. This allows you to create different stores that have different beats on display.

Beats on a playlist are sold individually - it’s only mixtapes. albums and beat tapes that are sold as a whole unit

We are working on an update to be released very soon, which will contain some changes to how you can set up and display your store, so you will be able to achieve what you’re asking re: displaying different producer’s beats in one store once this has been released


How can I make it default in the new infinity store? Don’t see it available.


Hi @BlacTrac this can be done by either creating a ‘Beats’ page or editing your ‘Browse’ page and setting the Display to show a custom playlist. If you want this page to be displayed by default when someone visits your URL, please drag this page to the top of the list.

The guides below will help you with the above:

How to edit pages:

How to create playlists:

Let us know if you need any more help with this