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When will beat promotions open back up?


@TiebBeatz no eta just yet, we’re working hard to make sure you get the maximum exposure possible when paying for promo. We hope to have it up and running soon for you guys


@EllisHouslin Just a quick question about the “promote beats” feature.

It mentions 7 days minimum…do I read right that it mean, 140$ at the minimum to have a beat displayed on Airbit’s main page ?

Why can’t I do a single day, 20$, to try it out ?

Any clarification would be appreciated.

Free Agents Productions


Sorry for the delayed response @FreeAgentsProduction. Promoted beats are displayed on the homepage, browse, search and genre pages, and we also promote them on Twitter

There’s not much value for you in promoting a beat for one day, and believe 7 is a good starting point, with the option to do more if you choose


Ok thanks guys! :slight_smile:


I am new to Airbit and plan to promote my beats. How much sales do a producer (on an average make) while promoting their beats ? I understand there might not be an exact number and it very much depends on the beat itself but still an average number might help me (and other producers) plan their promotions.


I would like to know to because I posted my beats yesterday


Indeed! Any stats on this would be awesome!

The Agents


How the hell I have 700 beat plays the last 7 days and no sales? I am a hip-hop head and know my beats are good different and quality is there? Doesnt make sense


There downloading them for free wit this software


Email me bro and I’ll review your beat selling website for free. The problem might be your website (it’s too complicated, there’s no scarcity to buy, nothing lowering the pain of buying, etc.) or the fact that you don’t have a custom website yet.

-Young Lepa

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