Beat Store (small) change to improve conversions


Can you make the embedded beat store start playing immediately when someone clicks/taps the play button?
Currently hitting the button does nothing when the beat player is stopped (eg when someone first visits a website) and i think some people may not bother clicking on a beat first or may think it’s broken and might leave the website without listening to any beats.

So can you make it so that hitting play from the stopped position starts playing the first beat on the list (or maybe the beat set to autoplay if there is one) immediately, without having to click on a beat first? I think this could really improve conversions and increase beat sales and seems like it would be an easy fix/change to implement. I hope you will consider it?

@EllisHouslin @SaraAirbitSupport @wasim.khamlichi


It plays when you hit the play button for the infinity player…but it doesn’t for the other html5 players.

Just switch to the embeddable infinity player for now.


Hi @terryvibes

Thanks for contacting us with your suggestion. We really appreciate your suggestion and I will forward your proposal to our development team to review so that it can be considered in our future updates plans.

We are always glad to hear your feedback and suggestions as this helps us to improve your experience with us by adding your needed features and services.