Beatmakers Guild? A Union?


We need to implement a standard minimum. Get with Airbit and Beatstars and discuss a minimum payment where producers won’t be able to under cut each other. I’ve seen prices as low as 5-10 dollars per beat. That is ridiculous. It’s no wonder the producer is an undervalued position in this entertainment industry. We got to take care of each other. Actors and filmmakers have a union, we need one too. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of rappers out there downloading free beats left and right…other times buying beats for extremely cheap. Imagine if the film industry was like this. You spent thousands of dollars for a computer, interface, keyboard, synths, sounds, monitors, PC upgrades…hours and hours of producing, mixing, deleting, and learning…only to sell your shit for 10 dollars?!

I wish we could get all the major beat websites together, and implement something to where there is at least a minimum standard. 50 bucks is the lowest price you can sell your beats…or something along those lines. 10 bucks??? Buy 1 get 10 beats free?! Fucking ridiculous.


I agree but that will never happen you cant tell someone what they are allowed to charge in there own business,plus that violates collusion laws and there will always be somebody who will undercut the union


Ok I understand your concerns, but im not talking about forcing. You know where most websites you sell something, there is a minimum? Alls im saying is that we have something a bit more respectable. Something we all agree on as producers. That way a rapper doesn’t have that many choices for anything less than our minimum because whoever is apart of Airbit or Beatstars or any beat community, we all work together to get paid what we deserve. Just like writers / actors / and film makers do.

I understand the fear of losing business, but think of it this way as an example. Johnny Depp might not be good for a certain action flick, and he even bids lower salary, but the director will go for Brad Pit or Will Smith as they fit better for the action flick. That was totally hypothetical but thats how I would see it pan out. I know a ton of artists who wont buy a 10 dollar beat because even though it’s good, it’s not their style or what they’re looking for. Without airbit or beatstars, most of these kids would have to hire a web designer or another means to get another webplayer to embed on their website that automates beats. Airbit / Beatstars / Etc. have the power to atleast bring the whole beat community together and set a standard operating procedure. Wouldn’t you like to feel comfortable charging 100 for a lease, and not have to think well so and so is charging 20 for a lease, “could that be the reason why he sells more?” Maybe…maybe not. Maybe he just has loyal clients. But at least it’s a question that will not impose itself and play a factor in your pricing decisions, knowing that we all respect each other enough to charge at least the set standard.

Sorry for the long explanation, I feel like alot of people are scared to take that first step and raising their prices, because of fear they’ll lose customers. But are you going to keep selling leases at 20 when you made platinum hits? We got to start somewhere.


if we as producers agree to a price scheme that’s one thing but if beatstars, airbit,soundgine etc make it a minimum now you are forcing people what if they set it to $40 but i want to charge $25,plus its illegal and even if they found a way to pull it off there’s a bunch of opportunist who will not join the union so they can undercut the union prices my beats already start at $50 i would love if we could make it happen i just dont see it happening


No it’s not illegal. Nobody is forcing you to sell it that high. If you want to sell it lower, find a different medium other than airbit or beatstars like creating your own website and doing it yourself. There for it’s not a legal issue.

The only way this would work, is if we could get a good size group, and both beat platforms to get on board. It all starts with an idea.


all of us coming together to set a price to prevent artist from buying beats cheaper is illegal that is called collusion


Wrong. We aren’t conspiring to cheat anyone out of money, if anything we’re openly (not secretively) having a discussion about setting a standard to where everyone gets a fair price.

Collusion is an agreement between two or more parties, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage.

None of this is unfair or secretive. This is a public forum that anyone can access. There are hundreds of other ways to sell beats at lower prices. What I am saying is we should get together and set a standard. That way it catches on, and when people see that rappers are buying licenses for much higher price, they’ll follow suit. I am not suggesting we force anyone. I am asking for us as producers to respect each other and ourselves, and the next bit of producers that are to come.


A union will never happen… and it should never happen. The day airbit or any other platform decides to dictate minimum prices is the day ill stop using them completely. Setting a minimum will not force artists into paying higher prices. All you will do is put more money into the hands of only handful of producers at the top and cut yourself right out of the market. This is basic economics. Beats are cheaper now because theres a lot of competition. The focus should be on how to out compete your competitors, not artificially inflate prices (will not work, will never work).


JakeRain that actually makes alot of sense. I didn’t think of it from that angle, thanks.


No worries… i know… it ‘sounds’ great… having a price floor… but it opens the flood gates to concentrate the power to a handful of people. thats bad unless you’re at the top of the game.