Beats Don't Play


Sometimes you may upload beats and they just don’t play on the players for whatever reason. The most common cause of this is the encoder used to encode the mp3’s in the first place. I’ve encountered problems with LAME encoder, which for some reason conflicts with out streaming server. There is an easy fix for this, just re-encode your beats using iTunes and re-upload the beats. For information on how to encode mp3’s using iTunes, please follow these really quick and easy steps;
[ol][li]Open iTunes Preferences.
Windows: Choose Edit > Preferences.
Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences.[/li]
[li]Click the General button, then click the Importing Settings button in the second section of the window.[/li]
[li]From the Import Using pop-up menu, choose MP3 as the encoding format that you want to convert the song to, then click OK to save the settings.[/li]
[li]Select one or more songs in your library, then from the Advanced menu, choose one of the following (The menu item changes to show what’s selected in your Importing preferences):[/li]
[ul]* Create MP3 version[/ul]
The reason for this is because some mp3 encoders conflict with our streaming server. It is possible to have the encoding done on the server side, but this will result in only being allowed to upload 1 beat at a time. I feel this is a small sacrifice to make for multiple uploads and plus it’s a lot easier than doing one by one. What do you think?


Thanks for this, I was just about to ask you why my player has problems on different computers and browsers. I’m gonna try this out first and see if it helps.

I tested my site on some computers at work and the beats show up but dont play but at home they play. I tested and they play at work and at home, but a lot QUICKER. Trying to improve my site as much as possible.
Check it out and any suggestions would be helpful.


If they work one place and not another then this thread probably won’t solve your problem. Sometimes when you internet connection is running slow obviously streaming will slow down as well and tracks with take longer to load. Apart from that, if it works on one computer it should work on the next.

The player on runs of a completely different server and it’s not running from a streaming server either. If you ever want to test against another player, test the one on - this one runs of the myFlashStore server.


Hmmmm, I wonder why I can’t get them to play on some computers.
How can I get my beats on a different (dedicated?) server like TruBeats?


You can’t unless you get a custom design job. Custom jobs start from $600


ahh. i just uploaded a beat and its not playin… i converted it in fruity loops… that’s what ive been doin all the time… so why would it stop working now?






Great, glad you got everything sorted.

I have now put a warning in the beats section for anyone having problems uploading beats, it will tell them to take their iTunes artwork off and to read this thread.


i have no art work on any of my tracks but still certain tracks will not play they are all 128 bitrate any other suggestions


Did you re-encode them using iTunes as this thread suggests?


suddenly my beats playing only 5-8 seconds and stop then???
i have this problem for a few weeks only (dunno when it started really, cause i got a message from someone who told me that my beats only play a short time…).
this is the first time i have a error like this with the player.
and it ain’t an encoding vault because the beats played few weeks in the full lenght.
what could be the probelm?

when people try to purchase a beat off the player they gettin an error. something like ID.Error :S :S :S
the player gotta be fixed asap!!! we loosin sales


i dont understand the steps
were is my Edit > Preferences ?

and i have a download option in my beats section, how i can delete it ?


If you read the post carefully you will understand that the menu item Edit->Preferences is in iTunes.

The download option is for your eyes only, in case you ever want to download you beat. None of your customers can see that so there is no need to remove it.


Nobody’s myflashstore beats play on my internet, only the voicetags.
I’ve checked it on different sites soundclick, trubeats etc
It’s the same on 3 computers in my house, also at my mates, who has a different isp. Might be to do with our slow internet here in New Zealand, fibre optics are gonna be ready in 2020 lol, anyway
my speeds are:
Download Speed: 6634 kbps (829.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 582 kbps (72.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
so its not that slow
I’m using beatpal.coms player on my site which plays fine, but is pretty jacked up in other ways. I’d like to switch to myflashstore but I need to be able to hear my beats to be sure everyone else can.
1 thing I like about Beatpal (and maybe this is the reason those beats play) is that you upload 2 seperate beats, a tagged beat to play and an untagged beat for the customer, allowing me to give the customer a 320kb beat but the player is only playing a 128kb…


yea there is definatly a problem for people with slower internet connections

why does other players work fine and myflashstore not?


Hi… I am having the same problem… no beats show up… at all… which is incredibly frustrating as I’m on a beat-selling course and trying to keep up or at least make some sales… I have tried everything, downloading Itunes and re-encoding like you said to etc, trying all kinds of embed codes… NOTHING WORKS… I see the same thing with other people’s sites who are using MyFlashStore, NOTHING.

Or at least, in Firefox they dont work… apparently they are working fine in IE but not everyone uses IE (including me) so this is no good really. Can you please help??? The most irritating thing of all is if I go to the ‘player’ section under my account, the player shows up with all of the beats on it playing fine with no problems. Yet, if I try and embed the player on my site, all I get is a blank player (with Firefox anyway).


beats4styles: can you show me where your player is located.


Sure man. The page I’m currently working on to test out the player is located at : . I only uploaded 1 beat as a test, but still nothing shows up, on my Firefox anyway.

I am only using the free player at the moment so I don’t know whether this could have something to do with it. I mean I was planning to upgrade but thought I’d test it out first.


beats4styles wrote:

[quote]Sure man. The page I’m currently working on to test out the player is located at : . I only uploaded 1 beat as a test, but still nothing shows up, on my Firefox anyway.

I am only using the free player at the moment so I don’t know whether this could have something to do with it. I mean I was planning to upgrade but thought I’d test it out first.[/quote]

Please refer to this post