Beats Processing


Newly uploaded beats have been processing for almost an hr. Is this a known issue and when is an eta on the fix…


I am having similar issues.


Issue resolved. Thanks.


@StackedUpMichael sorry to hear this, it looks like there was a temporary issue that was out of our hands, which I’m glad to see has now resolved itself. @KyleStephenson if you are still experiencing processing issues can you please let us know?


i have the same issue now. For 2 hours it’s still processing and nothing


Sorry to hear that @zevrst. If you’re still experiencing this issue, can you please send the file you’re trying to upload to


I have the same Issue. The beat is processing and when i go into it it says, error loading beat: beat not found


Ok its working again.


@EllisHouslin I seem to be having that same problem. Do you know how to fix this?


Sorry to hear this @BlackRonin. It is a temporary issue that should be resolved now - we are looking into a permanent solution so it does not reoccur. You should be able to upload as normal, please let us know if you can’t


Still having this issue.