Beats Processing


Newly uploaded beats have been processing for almost an hr. Is this a known issue and when is an eta on the fix…


I am having similar issues.


Issue resolved. Thanks.


@StackedUpMichael sorry to hear this, it looks like there was a temporary issue that was out of our hands, which I’m glad to see has now resolved itself. @KyleStephenson if you are still experiencing processing issues can you please let us know?


i have the same issue now. For 2 hours it’s still processing and nothing


Sorry to hear that @zevrst. If you’re still experiencing this issue, can you please send the file you’re trying to upload to


I have the same Issue. The beat is processing and when i go into it it says, error loading beat: beat not found


Ok its working again.


@EllisHouslin I seem to be having that same problem. Do you know how to fix this?


Sorry to hear this @BlackRonin. It is a temporary issue that should be resolved now - we are looking into a permanent solution so it does not reoccur. You should be able to upload as normal, please let us know if you can’t


Still having this issue.


My Beat is taking a while processing too and not showing up in my beatstore. What is the cause of this issue? Cheers - Mason


Sorry @BeatsByMason. It looks like the temporary processing issue returned for a short time, however this has now been resolved and all beats should upload & process as normal again. We are looking into a permanent fix for this.

Sorry again for any inconvenience caused, please let us know if you continue to experience issues


having the issue now cant upload beats


I’m having this issue when trying to upload my latest beat…


Sorry again for any inconvenience caused, the temporary issue has now been resolved and beats should process as normal again.

If this happens again please leave the beat in your account and processing will automatically complete as soon as the issue is resolved.

We appreciate your patience in this matter