Beats sounding different after being uploaded


I am wondering if my playback will sounds better if i just uploaded the tracks as MP3’s instead of being converted to MP3 from a WAV file. My playback on my kicks sound like the speakers are blowing out, but it is only when i play it back on air bit.


I had the “same” thing with my snare. OK to be fair, I only had this trouble when I checked my beats on my mobile telephone, but even there it should sound nice for the costumers !! But when I upload a tagged version (mp3) of my beat, then everything sounds nice!


Hi @CapelloDaVinciBeats, sorry to see there’s an issue with playback. Can you please send the original file to so we can take a listen and compare it to your store?


Dear Ellis,
I had the “same” thing with my HH on my beats :frowning: why my beats are différent on airbit player? thx