Beats will no autoplay


I’m having issues with my player auto playing my beats. I clicked auto play but its not working. Can you please help me fix this issue.


same problem here… autoplay is not working! please investigate… Google chrome is working, Safari not. thanks


For the autoplay to work, in addition to setting the disable autoplay option for the store correctly, a beat also needs to be set to autoplay. In your dashboard, you can head to Beats -> My Beats, and then click the hamburger icon to the right of a beat and choose the ‘set to autoplay’ option.


Beat is set to autoplay but not working in safari…


same thing is happening to me as well.


Hi @Habicht-Beats @jaysantosproductions, sorry to hear this - both stores’ autoplay feature is working on Chrome and Safari when tested here, so it may have been a temporary issue. Are either of you still experiencing this?


Thanks for the message, but it’s still the same… not working with Safari…

Here is my website


Hmm ok. Which device are you viewing your site on? And are you able to check it on other devices in Safari? As both your site & profile page are working when tested here it may be device-specific


I use my macbook pro and I have no other device to test. but maybe you are right, it’s my device.
I will try to find the problem.



I did look into this to see if it’s something Apple were doing across some devices, and found this article about stopping video from autoplaying:

It could be that this is affecting iframes as well (the container that holds your store). We’ll continue to look into it to try and find a solid reason as to why this is happening


Hi, my player autoplays fine on google chrome, but does not autoplay on iphone. Is this affected by the article you posted above or is this a different issue?


Hi @flyguyj, beats do not autoplay on any mobile devices, regardless of the browser used


Hey @Habicht-Beats if you’re still having the autoplay issue, please check out this video by TyLu BeatZ:


Hi Ellis, thanks for the video link. the problem is that every website visitor (safari) should do this change of the settings and I don’t think they will do and know it.


You’re not wrong about that. Unfortunately it’s an apple thing that we can’t stop from happening - they can be unnecessarily difficult with things like this sometimes