Beats with Hooks


How do you create a different price for beats with hooks ? Lets say your standard lease is 29.99 but you wants beats w/ hooks to have a sale price of $44.99.


From what I’ve seen with other producers is they upload the beat twice. 1 version with a hook (set your prices) and another version without the hook (set additional prices)

Maybe this can work for you.


The issue is creating a license that you can use sparingly (when you have beats w/ hooks) that replaces the standard license, but does not show up on every track you upload.


@WSOBeats you can set individual prices (i.e. one price for one beat) by heading to Beats > My Beats and clicking the checkbox to the left of the beat - then you can enter your price in the box above. This will only change the price of selected beats


Thanks Ellis — that works nicely. I have a new issue. I created a Beats playlist – for tracks that I want to remove from my main beat store. I made those tracks private — thinking that was the way to get them away from one beat store to the other one. After doing that though I don’t see the prices listed in the Beats playlist. Did I do that correctly?

Btw Thanks for the changes you have made to the player. They have definitely increased the flexibility. Sometimes we get on you guys and we don’t give you credit when credit’s due.


Thanks for your feedback - we appreciate that and will continue to bring improvements across the platform.

Regarding your playlist - the prices don’t show when viewing the playlist in your Collections tab, however the prices are displayed as normal in your ‘Mailing List’ store.

If you’re not seeing this in your store, can you send a screenshot so we can take a look?


Got it working thanks.