Best Headphones For Mixing Beats?


Whats good Airbit fam,

What headphones you using to mix beats (if you’re not able to use monitors) as I know monitors will always be better but ya know sometimes, you just can’t use them.

Personally I use Audio Technica ATH-M50X these headphones are great and have NEVER failed me. I love them that much that I own 2 sets of them now.

What you using?

PS - I made a little write up of what I feel are the top 5, you can check that here if you feel like:

Are your current headphones listed?

Lemme know.



I use Beats By Dre, the studio kind, I wouldn’t say they are hands down the best but they help give me another perspective besides just my monitors. I’m not sure what headphones would be the best because I haven’t used a whole lot of headphones my self, but what I like to do for my mixing (because my room doesn’t have the best sound treatment) is I take my songs or beats to my car and do a car check. Usually if the beat sounds good on the monitors, the headphones, and the car then they pretty much sound good everywhere else, hope this helps! :v:

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