Calling all prducers! Requesting a (specific) beat


hey y’all, i’m looking for a fairly specific sound for a new track me and a couple boys are thinking of putting together. thought it would be cool to request the beat be put together by a producer online. if any of you are down and i love the beat, i will purchase the beat off you on a lease for $30.
what im looking for: i’m really digging the violin that comes in at 0.10 in this song

so i’d love it to be looped into the beat somehow (i’m open to ur expert opinions on how it should be done ;))
i’m also loving the sound of the drums in this

and how theyre 'slow and heavy’
also the sound distortion in ^ is pretty sick
sorry for the vaguenss, im only just learning about hip hop music outside of writing bars. i can almost hear it in my head, jus can’t put it out in words. PM me with any questions u wanna iron out.
needless to say i can only afford to buy one beat, in the case that a couple people wanna jump on this


Let me make the Beat for you ! Contact me. I take 15€ from you.


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Hay My Friend Stop By :slight_smile:


ill try to cook something up with those samples




Hey you still looking for that beat? How would you describe your style? Have any music you could show?


If you still need that beat done email me at and for verification on my skill check out my soundcloud

Thank you! :smiley:


This is the closest sounding beat I have to the 2nd beat you posted:


Contact me at:


check my page dro just uploaded 3 fresh tracks!


I’ve got similar beats like that on my profile…check it out


did you ever get that beat made the way you wanted?

#13 What Do You Think


hello contact me so we can make this happen


I have the same beats,you can contact me in pm