Can artists monetize their songs using leased beats?


Hi fellow producers and beatmakers

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for the useful information I find here.

I wonder if someone buys a lease and uploads a song to his/her youtube channel and starts to monetize it, can other artists monetize their songs with the same beat without getting copyright infringement.

I haven’t monetized my youtube channel yet but I’d like to know how it is possible without risking my leaser aritsts.
Can youtube distinguish the beat, beat with vocals and the same beat with other vocals?

I’d like to know your experiences.



I’d like to find out more about this as well. I actually collaborated with an artist for an EP recently which he then released through Tunecore and because of that my beats that he used on the released tracks have now been claimed for copyright on my youtube channel and are now being monetized by Tunecore on the artist’s behalf, meaning i now get ads on these beat videos that are on my channel and they get all the revenue from that…

So this means that Youtube (Content ID?) can’t really distinguish beats and finished songs probably cause there are parts that contain just the instrumental without any vocals and the system picks this up.

I asked the artist to contact Tunecore about this but they (Tunecore) replied there’s nothing they can do - the only thing that can be done is that the artist disables monetization for these specific tracks.

I also tried to dispute the copyright claim with Tunecore directly through youtube explaining them the situation and that these are actually my own beats that the artist used for his songs on the EP we released together (i told them they could see that my name is on the EP as well btw) but they rejected it and youtube now states that if i try to appeal the rejected dispute unsuccessfully my channel might get penalized…

So this seems to be a really big problem for producers leasing beats right now as that means that only one artist can monetize a song using a specific beat and you can’t even monetize the beat yourself if you wanted - and you also get a copyright claim and ads on top of that… The copyright claim itself shouldn’t really hurt your channel (at least if it’s from Tunecore it seems) but still this doesn’t seem right at all.

Hasn’t anyone else had any similar issues - as this seems like a big issue for producers like us who are leasing beats to artists - and if so how do you deal with it or prevent it from happening?

Btw i hadn’t noticed the copyright claims on my youtube channel for a while since i use an ad-blocker and i only noticed them recently by accident, so if other producers are reading this check out your youtube dashboard as you may also have copyright claims without even knowing it as it seems youtube doesn’t really inform you when this happens!


Interesting tunecore blogpost:


Interesting read. I actually contacted Tunecore about this and this was their reply:

“Unfortunately, if two artists are using the same exact instrumental, only one person
can monetize it. Even if its the singing version vs the instrumental
version, the system will pick up parts of the singing version where
there are no vocals and claim that video. That is why we do not
recommend people to monetize tracks that they don ot have exclusive
rights to. When multiple people use the same instrumental, it creates a
conflict because youtube only allows one party to monetize it. It may be
best to reach out to the artist and talk to them about exactly who will
monetize the track.”

I then asked them if this only happens if an artist tries to monetize the track using Tunecore (or a similar content id provider/service) or if they try to monetize it themselves directly through Youtube as well and here’s their reply:

“Yes, that is correct. If an artist purchases a beat non-exclusively from
you, then they can still monetize it directly with YouTube without any
problem. Since you have mentioned that you only sold your beat
non-exclusively, then the artist should not be submitting it to TuneCore
for monetization on YouTube, otherwise the instrumental will be
registered with Content ID and will start to incorrectly claim other
videos with the same instrumental.”

So basically if i understand this correctly it should be ok for many different artists/youtube channels to monetize a track that’s using the same beat through Youtube directly as long it’s not submitted for monetization through Tunecore or a similar Content ID service/provider as in that case only 1 person/channel can monetize it and that person will get all ad revenue from any other channels who have uploaded a track using the same beat as well.


Thanks, this helps a lot!


You can actually go after both parties if you didn’t have any contract with them.
First check if the artist is making enough revenue for this to be worth it because if they aren’t making any money then this will just make you spend time and money.
Register your beat to the copyright even if you have not done so, is your work.
Once the copyright gets properly registered, collect evidence that this indeed is your project and you published it first. Send a cease and desist letter to both the artist and tunecore, this is a very important step and another proof of contact. Hire a good copyright lawyer and sue both parties because they are earning money on copyrighted content, also show the proof that you already contacted them claiming your work and they rejected it. Most people don’t do this and that’s why there are many people stealing copyrighted material. With enough proof and patience if the work you claim is yours you can get up to 100% of the revenue if you go for it.