Can Someone Tell Me About Mailing List


i want to know how it can benefit your music business and what exactly it does. i know i can just google it but i would like to hear it from you guys


A mailing list is the actual list of people/artists you have email addresses for.

How you collected the email addresses would be by using an Email Signup Opt-in form in which you gave them something of value in exchange for their email address.

You can read a more in depth article here:

Hope this helps.


I just want to build on what Sbox said you collect email addresses in exchange for value and that can be FREE BEATS and information that the artists can use to help them push their music career.

You benefit from building list because when these people get on your list you can begin to build lasting relationships with them and have repeat customers. The thing is you have to know how to convert these people into buying customers and that’s where email marketing comes into play. Its not as hard as some people think it’s just knowing how to communicate with your customers. When you have a list you can find out what they want give it to them and make even more money.

Now when your list gets to the 50k mark you can start to make other streams of income and charge people to email blast info to your list. The one mistake I have seen producers make and even Internet marketers make is that they get caught up in building a “list of people” and not a “list of buyers”. I have my email list I started building in 2008 I stopped making beats in 09’ came back in 2012 got back to making money by sending my list a message.

Having the skill of list building and converting the list into buyers is powerful because you can take that skill to any industry and make money. Some people will pay you 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars for you to do this for them. I’m sorry if my post is too long but I am very passionate about Internet marketing…lol!! Hope this helps…peace!


Yeah man, with building your list it’s all about giving them something your artists want (beats, marketing advice, and just providing them more than just a beat store for them to keep up with). Give away free tagged beats in return for a mailing list sign up, and develop personal relationships this way. Create a list of follow up emails spaced 4-6 days apart and make broadcast emails every once in a while to announce sales, news, ect.

Good luck bro!


Ditto what everyone said here, an email list is very important because it can generate instant traffic. But in addition to that premise, I would have two sets, the 1st would be a list of all the people that have purchased from you in the past, becuase statictics have shown that those individuals are likely to purchase again in the future. The 2nd list would be for potential buyers and other prospects becuase you may want to market differently to the two groups.


Thanks guys, really appreciate the advise, this is definetly going to help me in the future!


Building a mailing list is very helpful.


Building relationships is key as stated, master that, and you’re on to something.


also, I wouldn’t expect a mailing list to really convert-to-sales until it gets above the 2k subscriber threshold. those were my experiences at least.

I think Mailing Lists are our biggest asset though honestly. I have a few actually, but my PayPal .CSV file serves as my main one since it includes the people who’ve bought from me before.


Now that’s great advice I forgot to mention segmenting your list into groups. You are 100% RIGHT!!


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It is really important to keep your email list valid and current. You can use some web-based tools to help you with your list, for example is one of them. This tool will help you if you are not sure if all emails on your list are still valid and correct - will scrub tour email list and clean it - and then it gives you a report of what and why was cancelled.