Can't add paypal to selling preferences


after completing all the steps from this article:

I still can’t add paypal under my selling preferences on Airbit. after I enter my Paypal- email adress and the PDT token the purple box underneath just says ‘Your PayPal account needs configuring for orders to process correctly. Learn More’

All there is left to do for my paypal accout config is the last step, where I have to wait 1 or 2 days for paypal to transfer small amounts of money to my bank account and I have to then enter the amounts they transferred somewhere on my Paypal page as confirmation that the link between my bank account and paypal is complete.

could that be the reason I can’t add my paypal adress to airbit yet? or am I missing something?
thanks in advance.


Hi @LoneJoe, we have responded to your ticket, please check your email when you can


I seem to be having the same problem as LoneJoe. I can’t seem to be able to link my email no matter what I do. Thanks


Hi @DifferentBeats71, can you please email and tell us your Paypal email address so we can try inputting this for you and see if it works?


I am also having the same issue please help


Sorry to hear that @MTheGreat. Can you please also send your Paypal email to so we can look into this for you?