Can't find the .page-id for changing CSS-Properties


Hello Everyone,

I’m not sure if this was discussed before. I’m new at airbit and this is my first topic in the forum.

I found out, that there is a way to change CSS-properties with the HTML5-Player.
I don’t use Wordpress because I wrote the whole Website-Code by myself.

In the FAQs there is an explanation, how to change CSS with the page-id-method. After I upload my Website-Code to search for the class, .page-id, in the body-tag, there is no id available.

My question ist why? And how can I change CSS of the HTML5 Player?

Can you please help me?

I want to launch the site asap and I’m not fine with the current look.
Many thanks in advance.



Hi @KrispyTunes, the CSS of the HTML stores cannot be edited - can you please provide the URL of the guide where it says this can be done so we can check on this and correct it if need be?