Can't play shared beats directly on Facebook?


Up to a few months ago whenever i shared one of my beats to facebook it was possible to play/stream it directly on fb using the airbit/mfs player but now it just shows the beat title (without even a thumbnail) and people have to click on it and be directed outside facebook to listen to the beat on airbit.

See an example here:

Is there something i’m doing wrong when sharing it or is it possible to bring back this functionality as it was before as i’m pretty sure it gets a lot less conversions now as people are less likely to listen to the shared beat?


Any suggestions anyone?


Noone else has this issue?
@EllisHouslin is this a known issue? Do i have to open a ticket for this?


Hi @terryvibes, sorry for the delayed response. It looks like there is a bug causing the player to not be displayed. This issue has now been forwarded onto the tech team who will look into it and provide a fix soon

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, we appreciate your patience whilst we look into this for you


Ok cool, thanks. If possible pls update us on this thread when it has been fixed.


For sure, we will let you know when it’s fixed


Hey just checking in to see if there’s any update or ETA for this fix?


Unfortunately not. The tech team have many things to work on, and this is on the list but I can’t offer an eta just yet

I understand this is not ideal for you, and we appreciate your continued patience


Just a reminder that the issue is still there. It’s been a while now and this is quite important imo so hopefully there will be a fix soon… Pls try to look into it.


Hey, this is still on our list of things to address, so don’t worry, it hasn’t been forgotten :slight_smile:


Is this ever going to be fixed as it’s been almost a year now?


@EllisHouslin is there any update on this…?


This issue in particular hasn’t been addressed, but we’ve had to make some overall changes to how Airbit is integrated with Facebook, due to their recent privacy policy changes.

Making the required changes on our end relies on communication with Facebook, and getting their approval. Because of this, things are moving quite slowly regarding anything to do with Facebook