Can't upload trackouts


When I upload the zip file, I get this error -


I’m having the same exact issue…


Hey guys, this should be fixed now. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, and thanks for your patience whilst we fixed this.

Please let us know if you still cannot upload zip files


Stil Cant upload trackouts


Hi @88Play, sorry to hear this. To diagnose the issue, can you please follow the directions in this guide: Diagnosing Upload Issues and send the information to so we can look into this for you


Winrar zipped trackouts still not uploading…
I have to many trackouts to rely on third party software. What is the solution???



Solution - Hope this can help anyone else too.

Simply choose ZIP instead of RAR when you open “add to archive”

See pic below


Hi @djm2076, glad to see you resolved this - that is correct - .rar files will not upload, they must be .zip


Not uploading Wave files currently. It did before but not now. Keep getting an error message.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused - there was a temporary issue over the weekend that affected all file processing. This has now been fixed and you should see no more issues. Please let us know if you still experience problems