Classical Music


I recently found myself quite fond of classical music by composers like Beethoven, Baroque, Rachmaninov and Bach. It’s very unusual because I am also a huge fan of rock.

I love listening to classical music especially the orchestra version.

Is anyone here a fan of classical music as well?


Hey Koi123, I like classical music too. Was there a composer called Baroque? I’m familiar with that term as a genre.

Do you like any of the bands that have mixed some classical elements with rock? I guess one example would be Rick Wakeman of Yes using phrases from Handel’s “Hallelujah” in his keyboard solo on Yessongs.


Sorry, I made a duplicate post here.

But I just thought of an example of a classical performer crossing into rock.

Didn’t the violinist Nigel Kennedy play some rock like Hendrix’s “Purple Haze?”


yea its pretty relaxin’


I’m not all too big of a fan of classical music. During my English class when we are writing an essay or a test we will listen to some classical music and I think that’s fine. I don’t think I would go out and buy a classical CD or any classical songs for my personal use but it isn’t too bad to listen to every once in awhile. It def. wouldn’t be something on my iPod though. haha


classical is very beautiful because its all instrumental and its the focus of the music and not the band playing it


Yea, I think it’s beautiful but in my opinnion I need music that has a deeper meaning to it. I absolutely love when song writers include personal things they are going through that others can relate to as it pulls people into the songs. So that’s why I prefer other genres over classical.


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I was born into a family of classical musicians. Dad played the double B flat concert tuba, Mom the violin, my sister played the viola, and I learned to play the piano. Classical music was what we all heard when waking up every morning on the radio.

Although I do have other music interests (Big Band Era for one) classical music is what I mostly prefer to listen and to play.

Otherwise, I have a playlist of Classical music in Music Pro (a free app on Apknite), hope you can check out and enjoy it!