Co-Producer Payments


Yo this is getting really discouraging, producers owe me hundreds of dollars and they aren’t paying up because it’s a manual system, when is this going to be automated? I mean BeatStars has had this feature for a long time now and I thought by now you guys would’ve sorted this out


Hi @InstrumentalCentral, sorry to hear you’ve not received payments owed to you. We are aware of the benefits of an automated system and are considering introducing it in future.


Hey man

I think the fundamental problem is that you are creating products/beats to sell online with other producers which is a terrible idea. Why would a company create products with other companies and share the sales 50/50 when the company could easily create their own products and keep 100% of all the sales the company gets. When it comes to selling anything online, giving shares to other people and splitting income with other individuals is a terrible idea, especially in this niche.

-Young Lepa

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Actually I’m not doing that. This producer stole the riff off one of my beats and when I found out I took down his video on YouTube and gave him a copyright strike. Eventually we talked and I reinstated the video on condition that I get 50% of the sales. Now he’s stopped paying and he’s removed the video off YouTube so he can keep making all the money off the beat.