Contact number indeed

is there a contact number for this site

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Hi @AuMayeznBeatz all our customer support is done via email and the forum. How can we help?

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Hey I just upgraded to the Platinum package and I’m trying to upload my phone but it keeps saying whoops error what’s going on

Hi @Capbaby, we have responded to your ticket, please check your email when you can

Hi Ellis. I wrote several messages already to Airbit Club Support since Sept. 3, 2017 trying to resolve the problem I’ve encountered regarding the encoding of Pro Account of my downline. The problem is there’s no temporary password sent to his email until now. Thus, he cannot open his Airbit Account… Here’s the email ad:
Name:Roberto Santos Ardiente.
I hope you can help us on this so that he can add more accounts as soon as possible. Thank you!

Hi @lifeanne, this is not Airbit Club, this is Airbit - you’ve got the wrong company I’m afraid

Hey, I’m sorry to bother you but I’m really new to this and I was wondering you could help me with the PayPal set up. The only problem is that it says my e-mail is invalid

Hi @James_Dean, sorry to hear this. Can you please send us the Paypal email you’re trying to use, either by personal message to me on here, or to, and we’ll take a look for you?

I purchased 2 beat from airbit November 23rd but I accidentally exited out the page before downloading them and I don’t know the password to email the beats was sent to. The producer isn’t replying so How can I get them sent to me. I also have a screen shot of my order and have my order number.

I’m tryin to get back the discount difference because I was charged the full price but the discount was 5 for 30 dollars but I paid every beat in full just want the 44 dollars refunded please. I’m not causing no problems or nothing just want my money back please. It’s my first time buying from this site.

Hi @grayhamin1030, we have responded to your ticket regarding this, please check your email when you can

I have a problem I need help with. I have e mails and proof of purchase I bought 4 beats exclusively from one of your producers signed up on the Page. His name is Corey or makaih

I have noticed he sold me the exclusive and I have all the emails and proof but yet is still selling the beats for full price unlimited and basic which he shouldn’t be if I bought the exclusively. How do I take action against this though you guys to ensure I get my beats j bought taken off?

How long is the typical response time to a problem?
Also do the producers get in trouble for what he did and still selling my exclusive beats

I wouldn’t like to him to get in trouble I want him to keep his end of dea if the exlucive and get them taken off of marked sold so no one else takes my beats.
If you need I she seems you pictures and proof of him selling it to me

Hi @Ciryus777, we’ve responded to your ticket. Please check your inbox when you can

What’s the best way to contact customer service? I’ve sent multiple emails and haven’t received a response. Help?

I have cancelled my subscription and would like a full refund of the last payment made to Airbit (payment made 11/10/18)

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@SoulD33P this has been completed - please allow up to 10 working days to receive this.

We’re sorry to see you go!

Ya unfortunately it takes forever for the email support team to reply back to emails making using airbit a very discouraging website to deal with .

Hi @rhymeztein

We would like to apologize for any delays in our responses, as we will try our best to improve your experience with us in the future.

We appreciate your patience with any delays or inconveniences caused.

For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact us on

I need to change my email because it has a typo in it but it because it says I have to confirm in that email to I want to change it but the email doesn’t exist