Content id question


The airbit’s content id is great.

So i have a special case.

I have multiple youtube channels like most. I’ve noticed when airbit claims audio in a video it will display this if you click on ‘see more’:

Music in this video
Learn more
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Give Me One More Chance
Licensed to YouTube by
Airbit Distribution Ltd

here is the video for example

The issue i am having is that on one of my channels that isnt monetized, i want to do commentary and play my music in the background so in essence, i can monetize the video.
But i dont want it to be displayed that the music playing is associated with CentricBeats.

So can this not be displayed on the video?

Or can i create another airbit account that is approved for content id and use a different name?


Hi @CentricBeats1

Thanks for contacting us with your inquiry. Unfortunately, this is not possible as you can only submit your beats once for content ID otherwise a conflict can be caused. Also, youtube automatically adds the content owner in the description box under the video to copywrite the content in the name of its original owner.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused, as this goes beyond us.

For further assistance, please feel free to contact us.