Coupon Code That Can Only Be Used Once Per Person


Is there a way to setup a coupon code that can be used once per person?

I know you can make it expired or set it to be used once as a whole but what about once per person?

Let me know.


Good question, very good question


It is not possible to create one universal coupon that can be used once per customer. You can only create a coupon that expires after one use, or many uses. If you want to give single use coupons to your customers you will have to create a new single use coupon for each customer


This is still not possible, right?

Do you have a workaround for this, then?

Say for example, when I get a new customer, I would like to send them a coupon for a free beat (or 99% discount apparently), I would then have to go in and create a single coupon per new customer manually? And then go in an manually write that email or at least paste that code in mailchimp per customer? Never gonna happen…