Customer not receiving beat


Hey, I just checked my email and someone purchased a beat. But I didn’t get a MFS notification, I only saw the paypal notification. And then I received a message from the client asking how to download the beat. I don’t think I was messing around with my settings or anything. Can you help me out, please?


I’ve checked my settings, everything seems normal. Still don’t know what happened. I received the payment, but I had to send the beat to my client by email.


It is very rare, but sometimes this happens because of an issue with PayPal. MFS thinks the payment did not clear even though you received the money so it fails to send the beat to the client because the order is not recorded. I have had over 100 orders and this has only happened to me like 2 times. The only solution is to send the customer the beat manually. But do not worry as this rarely happens.


I had this problem many many times and its really annoying if you sell a lot of beats. The only way is to send the customer everything manually.


I hope it won’t happen too many times in the future. If a customer orders multiple beats, I’m forced to upload more tracks. But thanks for replying HarlemKid.


This is karma… I wrote that I had this problem many times before. Some minutes after my post I had a sale where the customer didn’t got the download links. I got the paypal and myflashstore email. But the customer got nothing. That’s pretty frustrating when you’re paying for a instant beatstore…


Yes it is indeed a problem. Someone customers might want their money back, when they see these things happening. And these damn chargeback systems are messed up.


We have designed our system to provide the best chance at delivering order email confirmations. Unfortunately the reality is that not all our emails will hit customers inbox. For example if we don’t receive confirmation from PayPal that a payment has been made (always different for different people’s PayPal account) - then we cannot process an order and deliver the beats - as you would expect. The customer will then see that the order is pending even though they have made payment. This is out of our control as producers PayPal accounts need to be configured correctly for our servers to receive a payment notification.

If the account is configured correctly and the order is processed on the system, then the email is generated and sent out to the customer. Again emails can always get caught up by spam protection - this is unfortunately out of our control.

We always encourage users to read the FAQ’s and if everything is set up correctly, and the order does appear in your orders section but the customer hasn’t received the confirmation email - then you can open a support ticket with the order number and we’ll investigate each case.

Please also note that after a payment is successful, the customer is redirected back to MFS with a confirmation and the beat download links, so they don’t even need to wait for the email. This is assuming the PayPal account is set up correctly.


Happened again today, gotta check my settings. But it’s not happened the past 3 week though, so my settings must be correct. Man, I wish it wouldn’t happen so many times.


And again, it’s happened three or four times over the past two months. :S Sucks, because you want the customer to get the contract, you want to track your sales and everything. How many times does it happen to you guys?


I’m sorry to hear that’s it’s happened again. As mentioned in my reply, please open a support ticket with the order number / paypal transaction ID’s so we can investigate each case individually.


Hi I did not receive my verification code to conform my email. Please help


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