Customers who use stripe not being added to Mailing List


Any customers I get using Paypal are automatically added to my Mailchimp mailing list but customers that use Stripe for payment I have to manually add. Is there a fix for this?


Hi @bluejones317, sorry for the delayed response, and sorry to hear there’s an issue adding customers to your lists. They should both be being added, so it’s possible there’s a bug causing this not to happen. Has it been like this since you’ve had the account, or is this a recent occurrence?


Hey guys
Also my customer was not added to my maillist but he uses PayPal…also.he has not received any pdf of the contracts…can you please help (again), too.



Hey @Alchemizt, I see that the contracts were sent with your most recent order, did you only recently enable them, or were they always enabled?


Always and I also asked the costumer and he told me that no contracts were involved…hm…strange…
After his massage I checked everything and i guess it should be fine …but i was wondering what happend it this case before


That is strange. Which order was it? I can take a look to see if there’s anything specifically wrong with the order, but all seems ok with your account as far as I can see


Order Number 290517-2699913

Only to make sure that I get you right. The PDF´s are included in the same link?!


Correct. That order does have the contracts included. If you head to Sales > My Sales and click the order number, then ‘Order Confirmation Page’ in the order details box, you’ll see the page your customers are taken to

The green ‘MP3’ button is the download link for the beats, and the blue ‘Contracts’ button is the download link for the contracts. It may be that your customer was confused and didn’t realise those were the contracts


Ok…good to know… thanks again :v:


I am assuming since mailing list integration has been possible. But i just noticed it with my last couple of stripe payments.


Ok, are you able to check with the customers that they did actually subscribe? I ask because the opt in is optional and want to make sure it’s not just a coincidence, as we can’t see any issues that would cause this at the moment