Dissapointed - Co-Producer Splits


Wait… So, co-producer splits arent split automatically? then what is the point of having splits if it doesnt send the money automatically???

Can’t there be a spot that tells the producer inputting the split that “your co-producer will automatically receive the given % share after payment” you know, to avoid any backlash or whatever it is that MFS is afraid of? (if they are)

This creates alot of more work for us, instead of everything being automatic (as i thought it was) we have to manually send out every single split we make? Highly inconvenient i must admit. If you could implement that feature to the co-splits it would be 10x better than any other beat platform on the market… I hate to even say it, but i think even beatstars sends money automatically. But don’t quote me on that, i dont use their services.

Please add this feature ASAP!!!


The problem with this is we allow payments with Stripe and PayPal and payments can’t be passed between them. So if you got paid in Stripe, the funds could not be automatically transferred to your co-producers PayPal account.

When you add a split to a beat, the co-producer will be emailed and they are notified that payment splits are generated automatically but the producer is responsible for making manual payment. You only need to download a single PayPal mass payment file to pay all producers splits at once.

While it may well by possible if we take payment ourselves and split with the PayPal API, but that would mean the customer will appear as if they’re paying us, which means we would be responsible for any disputes/chargebacks for these transactions and it would be confusing for the customer if they are buy from you but pay another company. It’s fine if they’re paying on our marketplace, but the customers purchasing from your store should be paying you.


Ok i understand… However, there is a few things i might add in my opinion (and many others from people i have talked with):

  • Chargebacks and refunds should not be accepted for these types of purchases, as people take extreme advantage of this feature and try to scheme free beats from producers… It would be very nice to have a “no refund” policy which would then make myflash more eligible for this PayPal API procedure

-Maybe there could be a way to have the API work and at the same time have the payments made out to the name of the licensor, but they payments are made to MyFlash which are then split between any co producers (if there is no splits inputted, then the payments could happen as they normally do)

  • For coproducer splits, you could make it so that any beats with a co producer involved are only able to be paid through paypal, avoiding the stripe problem.

I definitely have this figured out, i thought it was already this way until i received the email about a co-split and then i started asking questions. Haha.

Sorry to be a pain, i just think if you guys added this feature, it would benefit us all very much. Not all of us have all the extra time to go into paypal and download the mass payment thing (which i dont even know where to start with that) and ssend out the payments.

I do understand your point, however, i still believe if MyFlash could implement this feature as so then we would all benefit highly from it. Convenience is key, its 2016, we all love instant money!


I just found out that im also not “eligible” to make mass payments, even though i have a paypal business account.


You make a fair point, we’ll look into it a bit more and see how we can better facilitate this.


I also wish this feature was possible. I was thinking if it at least possible to give others ability to login to your myflashstore account with limited features. Something like paypal does allows you to add members and control only certain things (invoicing ect.). Allow users to have limited access like only upload and see that the splits are active as well.

Thank you.


Yeah i agree, maybe just limit it to Paypal so that the splits can be automatic that would be great.


Beat Stars beat them to it and its beautiful. I been asking Flashstore to do this for a min. Thats the main reason i left.


hopefully soon airbit will implement the API and get it to work