Do Cheaper Beats Really Sell Better?


As many of you already know, selling beats on-line in today’s market is challenging. Most artists that would even consider actually “buying a beat” for their projects have very little money that they are willing to invest. That being said, do you think that pricing your beats at a lower price would make them sell better?


Depends on a lot of other things actually. The short answer to your question would be yes and no.


Say you’re offering competitive quality as far as content goes…good beats, good mixes, up there in quality with the top sellers. If you price lower stuff lower, do you think that would stimulate sells? I know the answer seems obvious but I am seeing that there are other factors involved that pricing doesn’t seem to have an affect on. More people go for the free beats, they all want the beats that are in the market which are priced fairly low to start with and with a buy one, get one free incentive but still, these cats are hesitant to make the purchase. I think even if I charged $5 dollars a beat, I can’t say they’d sell any faster than they do at the normal price.

Anyone else have any input on this one? Anyone else experience these problems?


Selling beats requires a lot of different factors and yes of course price would be one. However, lower price doesn’t always guarantee a sell so Yes and no it all depends on the artist and your work.


I guess there’s really no black and white answer to this question. I think the more reputable the brand, the more likely it is that you will sell, For example, Dr. Dre could do a wack beat and people would still buy it simply because it’s a Dre beat at any price. I think as producers, aside from making the hottest beats we can, we have to build our brands so that people can appreciate the value in their purchases. The name behind the beat really means something and I’m seeing that more and more.


This may sound a little “Out There”, but based on my experiences, MINDSET is one of the most important factors we overlook. Example: My friend who produces is great with things like sending out beats, generating interest, tweeting and getting artists to respond, but he can’t make a sell to save his life! So, I decided to get him to shop one of my tracks, now I’m not the hottest producer in the world, but I BELIEVE i can sell anything. THE PLAN: He gets the interest, I make the sell. Long story short, I get the call “An artist is interested in the track” and he tells my man that he don’t want to pay anything. So this is where Ya Boy shines, I get on the phone with the artist and I’m On My NO FREE Beats Sh*t. Boom!!! $500 exclusive lease.

How do you go from not wanting to pay anything to spending $500?
You can’t have any doubt PERIOD

Whatever YOU believe, is true for You.
I hope you get the point.


I feel you 100% on that fam, that’s a true hustler’s approach. In the beginning when you’re getting established, you really gotta have that hands on approach to your business. I send out beats, respond to all tweets, advertise and am active on all my social networks. I get sells but I want more. I want the process to be automated so that a visitor to my site who knows nothing about me will just hear the beat they like and cop it, in and out, no questions asked. Most of the sells I get come through my mailing list and direct contact funnels, trying to get more coming through straight organic.


Yeah this is completely true and a great way to go


Quality over quantity My friend, first and foremost, price your work where you’re comfortable, not around what you see everyone else doing, ex. if you decide 26.97 is your price rather than the common 19.99 or 10.00 then run with it. I fell pray to that same tactic but the thing is, you don’t stand out. I was Mr $19.97 lml, jumped to 29.99 & now I sell even more (of course with the quality to back it up), might even go to 49.99 soon. Honda & Mercedes my man. As your brand becomes stronger you’ll feel the need to raise your prices to attract a stronger niche of well paying artists. Be confident and believe in your decision. Good luck, Grind Hard Hustle Smart TM #GoldenGramz !


It’s not a guarantee that cheaper beats will sell better, however, If you have tight branding and dope beats that are mixed well and they cost $15 then most probably that would (and should) result in lots of sales. A lot of people think selling leases for $10 and WAV leases for $15 will result in lots of sales, it might do but you have to ask yourself these questions: “Have I got a fanbase?” “Is my site professional” “What is my sound quality like” <<< for example >> If you don’t have a fanbase/no real targeted twitter followers/50 people on your mailing list and you get 5 visits to your site a day then you cannot expect to sell lots of beats, even if they’re priced at $10/$15 for a lease. In a situation like that you’d only be likely to sell lots if the beats were outstanding quality with industry like mixing and if they were unique.


Some serious knowledge being dropped in this thread.


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More and more I’m seeing that the huge difference between those that sell and those that don’t is quality. Mostly I’m speaking of sound quality but it’s not limited to just that, it’s overall brand quality. Sites that look professional and have good content like blogs, tutorials, videos, ect tend to get more sells. Brands that know how to engage their fan bases also do very well. We as producers, hear the word “quality” and automatically only associate that with sound quality or musicianship quality. If it was just about those two factors alone, there would be no wack artist out and only real musicians would sell music. Obviously that isn’t the case cause you hear wack music on the radio all the time, so what does that tell you? It should tell you that the better the brand presentation, the more likely that brand is making money.

I wrote an interesting article in my blog that yall might wanna check out that addresses the “Quality” issue:


Sometime at some place cheaper cost you the low tag but the product is not beneficial as you required so buy little bit higher tag than the cheaper one for more visit


remember this dude a big company like nike makes jordan sneakers for 15 bucks over seas and sells it for $200-300 bucks in the states

you probably have or spent $200-400 software to make beats
a $1000 dollar keyboard
$200-500 speakers
$100 back up hard drive disk
$500-1000 drum machine

all this money you spend on equipment and you want to sell your shit for 15-20 bucks ???
if a bank was to lend you $2000 to buy all this equipment and make your beats and pay them back
most of you guys would be doomed…cheap shit wont sell more the same artist that wont buy your shit for 20 bucks
is rocking $1000 samsung phones and sneakers

be like nike…dont hustle backwards dude


Good point but how many poor people are be able to buy some $200 sneakers?
So almost no broke rapper will be able to buy a $50-$xxx beat.


Price point is important but it’s not the biggest factor for selling beats. Artists are looking at the brand name and rationalizing the price they pay for the beat with how much popularity they stand to gain by using it. When we use the term “quality”, that is a subjective term because I could have quality trap beats but if you’re looking for boombap, the quality of my trap means nothing. Now on the other hand, if you recognized the fact that I am a well known brand whom many people go to, trap or not, you might still buy a beat because of the value behind the brand. The top beat sellers are dope but trust and believe had it not been for the amount of money they put into advertising and promoting their brands, the actual “quality” alone wouldn’t carry the weight. I honestly sell more premium and exclusives, than I do standard licences which happen to be cheaper…go figure?

I think you can get away with charging just about any price you want so long as you’re catering to the market that can afford it.

I will sell more beats as my fan base gets bigger, how fast that happens is based on how much money I can spend on advertising my brand. It’s all a numbers game.


[quote=“intenseBeats” post=20041]Good point but how many poor people are be able to buy some $200 sneakers?
So almost no broke rapper will be able to buy a $50-$xxx beat.[/quote]

my man thats the dumbest quote of the night…the same person you call poor will be the same person on line when the new iphone or jordans drop… :angry:


i agree


I don’t wanna diss my man and call him dumb for making his statement but I will say this. People will always find ways to buy what they want, no matter what the price. I’m not here to question why they may choose to buy Jordans or an iPhone when they know their lights are about to get cut off. My goal is to have the products that I offer be considered along with the Jordans and iPhone when they decide to spend their money. Beats are not a necessity, they are “wants”, so as a producer, it’s my aim to make you want them. Now anyone can make a dope beat. Even a wack producer can slip up, end up on a good one and make a dope beat.

My point is, there’s really nothing in and of itself that is all that special about getting a dope beat from a producer that will keep people coming back over and over again. What will keep them coming back is the value and reputation behind your brand. Not saying that quality beats won’t make you stand out because they certainly will but if your brand isn’t out there, no one will find you and your dope beats anyway.

There are 2 schools of thought on pricing. A) You can price high so that you only attract a smaller yet more elite crowd of beat buyers or B) Price low as to increase your chances of hitting all beat buyers.

Keep in mind that sometimes people associate quality with the price, so if you’re gonna sell $10 beats, people may think the quality is just as low as the price without even listening.