Do this to Make MORE Money as a Music Producer


When it comes to making money online, producers must think outside the box! Producers must start thinking like entrepreneurs and business men. Therefore producers must be innovative to new ideas of how to make money online and not just by selling their beats to artists. It is really possible to make a living selling beats online, but you just can’t rely only on 1 source of income. You must think of other ways to make money, remember what I said that music producers online should be innovative and start thinking like entrepreneurs! I am going to share a few tips here:

If the only thing you’re selling online are beats then you’re missing out on a lot of money to be made.

So you sold a beat to a customer? What’s next? Look for other customers and continue selling beats to the same customers?

While that is a good plan it is not a very good plan. When you sell a beat to your customer you must offer them other products for sale, this is where the real money is… you must have multiple products that you sell to artists only then will you see a lot of returning customers buying from you.

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you are right about this but why should producers jump from selling drum loops and be successful and loops and be successful when they have not mastered selling beats 1st…selling beats takes a little more focus and strategy and more money now a days but still if the focus is making money thats fine but if the focus is just selling beats…they should master that 1st then move on…it will give them the confidence to know they can sell other stuff!!!


I really think selling beats is becoming more competive nowadays… So true! Its better to have more products to sell artists than just “beats”


I was thinking about this but wasnt really sure how to. I agree that producers should start thinking like entreprenuers and be innovative. Look at SuperStar O he doesnt jst make money off selling beats, he has other products for producers and artists as well and i think thats how he makes 70% of his money (jst a thought)

its all about the money, you have to grind!

Nice Post!


Its about expanding your business. You can do something to earn some money from your email list like trying to offer some affiliate products etc… You need to check it out


Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money if you have a big email list




Yes exactly, abut to start to sell sample kits.


First of all, I wish I had a producer, to show him this article =D. And when it comes to making money online not even beat makers or musicians are the ones who can do it. I mean, music is cool and stuff but it takes some time to make money on it. Until that time there’s always gambling. The web is full of scammers, so be careful. I was lucky enough to find bgaming casino. Peace!


Hey dude! You seem to know a lot of thing about gambling. I would like to play on a online casino, but I don’t know which one to choose. Can you give me a piece of advise ? What do you think about this casino? Is this a trustworthy online gambling platform ? I don’t want to get scammed…


Awesome feed back and piggy back from the subject. I respect the idea about innovative I always rebuild my self with a new attained skill that would implement my line of work. It can be towards any business model. No.1 what is your sound like and what audience does it cater too? My answer was to listen from the best to the worst to hear whats trending and what was not considered good to my ears, as well as comment based. Three ducks then he’s duck QUACK QUACK!!!

NO.2 was my sound design beyond the cookie-cutter norm create melodies chords and progressions from the ground up. 0-3-7 has been a major effective method to get me started. Making sure to keep that simple and build up the complex as the space in the track allows being aware of muddiness and how to clear it through EQ or a simple adjustment to parameters in the channel settings of the instrument. Keep in mind between white keys and black there twelve an octave staying between that octave with the 12 keys should provide a clear and crisp melody that is in tune and progressive with a good scale comp in place to follow aolein on the stamp tool in piano roll its my go too.

These two were ideal in my process which was based off advice and suggestions from actual subscribers and followers across the board I aim for my platforms to work together since they all have the same goal.

No.3 was graphics and a story broad of my beats timeline-like animations of a sub bar or click bell even the title and animate in and out qued to drums as they drop, I create the graphic in illustrator such as my Bart Simpson this keeps the art artwork sharp and not fuzzy around the edges to a blur and photographs get manipulated on photoshop due pixel handling on the pictures clarity. My last step is to add audio and graphics to premiere pro to create the video with my original drawn art on illustrator of manipulated pictures on photoshop to match the beat.

I have tried many options for paid services to improve promotion and build up sales. I joined groups all around the social media ideal of getting known and active online for beat production or music in general.
there was some success with hard work hours applied but not the goal we all have in mind. I must admit when the ball is rolling social media on influence add ups in line with our goals but only if that ball is rolling.

I am telling master all three graphics from simple logo art to photos also your sound design to make you unique or different from your classmates. The main thing for me is the video and how to lay it out. Get knowledge of these tools to advance.


LMAO. How the making money on MUSIC thread turned into casinos recommendations. I can’t stop laughing. Of course you can make money on it otherwise people wouldn’t even try. But we’re in 2020 and simple strategy of throwing your money into the casino doesn’t hold that much.
There’s a way, it’s quite a time consuming one, but you can make money on gambling without risk. Just find promo codes, bonuses etc on the web. I can share only one source, otherwise I won’t have the juice for myself, sorry :smiley: Check here mr bet no deposit. Might be few working codes left. The other searching is up to you