Do you guys know of any dope beat makers on here that have beats other than trap?





So since you decribed us
Here you go:


Haha @AtomicBeats I Was gonna say the same thing… now I wont :joy:
But check us out, got a wide range, however no rock yet. A couple producers to choose from our team

May the gods smile upon you and your beats

we push the envelope with our music. There are a few EDM tracks you may like.


Check my profile out … for trippy track check out “CRAZZZY” or “4theLadies” “NoExcuses” is another one… “GanjaBlow” is a mellow futuristic joint… Let me know what think


I’ll shamelessly plug my profile lol. Perhaps you’ll find something on there that you like!


Check me out, …


hi there,

maybe ive got what youre looking for.



Check my beats out, they are move chill and banging drums.



I got three beats on here!




Got lots of different stuff. Gonna be posting lots of new content soon.


I’m new to Airbit but I have a few different styles of tracks. I’ll post some of them tonight.


Check my beat list. I am not fan of trap music but I’m trying to put groove in my beat instrumentals.
Fresh ear!


This is a new project of mine, this first beat is somewhat trap like, but I produce mostly dubstep, future bass and many other genres in EDM. More stuff will be coming soon along with trap/non-trap beats on my store on here.



Check me out I have a good range of genres and styles, and more tracks coming this month also.

I also do customs as well as mixing Services.