Does Airbit provide ISRC Codes ? Help understanding the purchase process?


Understanding Airbit offers licenses for the use of material, however not sure how the process is regarding being able to monitor your music once it’s licensed ? Suppose an artist purchases a licensed tracked out version and begins to sell music internationally or via streaming, How will the music producer recoup from sales if an ISRC code is NOT provided ?

Finally, how does the purchasing process actually work and how does the producer get $$$$ ? I see the interested party purchases the music from the creator’s profile however does this unlock the feature to to either download the MP3 or Wave / Tracked Out Files or is the music producer notified to follow-up with the process ?

I’m expecting one of my tracks to sale in the near future, I’m new to this process, I want to make sure this is a smooth transition for both me and the artist …

Thanx !


Hi @TufflonRecordsLLC, we don’t offer ISRC codes. Most of the time artists’ sales can’t actually be tracked. Your licenses will mostly provide insurance if a song blows up and sells millions, yet they have a basic license limiting their distribution (or they just largely outsell their allowance, as determined by your contract)

Regarding the buying process - all money is paid instantly to you - it does not go through us. Once the purchase is complete the customer is taken to an order confirmation page where they can download the beat, and they also receive it via email

It’d be a good idea for you to buy a beat from yourself so you can go through the process and fully understand it

Hope this helps!


How can I buy a beat from myself? I tryed and it was not possible because of the same paypal account!


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@DFunkMusic sorry for the delayed response. If you have a secondary email address you can create a new Paypal account and use this to purchase from yourself